A good day so far

Well today is Thursday and its Slimming World day for D and I. Like I said in a previous post, after losing nine and a half pound last week, I’m not expecting as big weight loss this week. There’s no way I should of put on though. I’ve been quite strict with myself. Eating fruit, very little bread (2 slices on Sunday is all I’ve had), drinking water and having healthy meals and a yogurt. I will keep you posted on how I have done.
Today is also the day I have one of my photos posted in a newspaper. ( The Journal extra. Northumberland Edition.) There’s 30,000 copies of this newspaper printed and distributed all over Northumberland. That’s 30,000 people that will see my photo. I cant help but smile. Its the first time a photo of mine has been published.
After rushing outside to get the nearly dry washing in during a sudden downpour, its time for lunch. I’m going to attempt to make an omelette. I think I’ll use the Magic Bullet blender I bought a few years back but never used, Wish me luck.
Update: Using Fry Lite to cook with instead of oil, does not stop the omelette sticking to the pan. Result: 1 x rather messed up scrambled egg. Tastes nice though.</strike

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