Our garden addition

Sorry for no posts lately. Other things have been getting in the way.
This week, I’ve gone all green fingered in the garden. We bought one of those polythene greenhouses. I never had one before so I’m quite chuffed. We couldnt have a glass one as the kids round here would have the glass smashed in no time at all.
We have got a few Alpine strawberry plants, and rosemary ( both donated by our kind neighbours ). We have a half dead mini rose plant which I’m wanting to try and revive and also a few pots with different seeds and bulbs in. It may be too late in the year for some of them but I’ll take my chances, seeing as the weather is all over at present. We may get some tomato plants and chilli plants as well.
This is it, with out table in the background with all sorts of other stuff on it, including potted weeds which we need to sort. Check out our ever expanding gnome collection as well.

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