Update on my Son

As you may remember from posts a while ago we had problems with my son J. Well things have certainly hit the fan this time.
About 2 weeks ago we received a message from his now ex girlfriend saying that she had received 205 sms in one hour from him. Obviously she wasn’t happy about this. It needed to be stopped. It was just the same message over and over again.
We were also made aware of a Facebook message from him that he was sick of his life (or words to that effect) and that he would be around the next day.
The next day, I made numerous phone calls on his behalf trying to get info about his right and what to do as he was soon to be made homeless. I text him the details and phone numbers to contact. No reply. D also tried ringing him. No answer. So due to that and the messages from Facebook we decided we had no option but to ring the police. For all we knew, he could have been lying dead in his flat.
The Police could not find him and turned up at our house for info after being given incorrect info by their control room that it was us that had received the 205 sms. We corrected them and told them the full story about what had been happening in the past and present to the best of our knowledge.
They then visited J’s ex while the search for J continued in his area. They eventually found him and had words and gave a warning about harassing his ex. Within an hour he had text his ex again, just the once but with a message that could be interpreted as a threat. She immediately rang the police who once again spoke to her then went and seen him and this time, she has taken an injunction out against him. She was too frightened to even go to work for a couple of days.
We have in the past said to her, that if he continued, an injunction may be the best option.
Since then J sent me a few nasty text. D had a blazing text argument with him and she didn’t hold back much. She was so annoyed at the messages he sent me, his dad. I too was annoyed at the messages he was sending D during their argument that I was close to going to see him face to face but D stopped me.
He seems to blame me and D for his ex getting the injunction, saying that we told her to. He also seems to be so angry that he believes we have taken her side completely in this.
We have done loads for him and tried to help him and advise him but even though he may agree and promise not to do certain thing, he goes and does them anyway.
He has since removed and blocked me on Facebook and before doing that he changed his surname form mine back to his mother’s maiden name. Bearing in mind, he cannot stand his mother or her family, I think this is an attempt to wind me up. He also changed his mam and dad to some people I have never even heard of. This to me is a bit confusing. He is basically denying I am his dad but also making himself look silly.
I have not heard from him in over a week now and as it stands at the moment, I have no intentions of contacting him. The whole thing has been so stressful and upsetting I didn’t sleep properly for a good few days.

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