I knew when I started blogging that it was gonna be a long tough slog to get followers but I didnt think it would be so bad. I have been commenting on other peoples blogs andfollowing them but has any of them, apart from my online friends Livi and Monika ( both followed me from the start ) followed back back. NO!!!! I know you cant force people to follow but still would be nice if they did, even for a short time to see what I have to say. If after that they dont like it then leave. At least I would know that people are actually taking some sort of notice.
Maybes one day they will follow. Its just frustrating thats all. At the moment it feels like I’m only putting messages up for those 2 followers I have.
If anyone has any suggestions about how to make this blog more successful, how to get followers, or how to advertise my blog, let me know please.

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