What a week its been so far at work. Yes, I know its only Wednesday but I’m absolutly shattered. Even slept in this morning. I made the dredded mistake of keep snoozing the alarm on my iphone. I dont know how many of you have an iPhone but its so easy to switch the alarm of instead of snoozing. This is what I did. I had 15 minutes to get my butt out of bed and into the shower, have a cuppa then go to work. I managed it but no time to relax, which I hate. Theres nothing worse than sleeping in and rushing for work. You end up stressed before even starting work. Not good.
Had to laugh after speaking to a customer today. I answered the call as if the account holder was ringing, which we have to. It turned out to be a third party user of the account. She said ‘ why does everyone say Mr. *****’ when I ring. I explained about answering as if its the account holder. ‘But I am the acount holder’ she said. No, you’re the third party, I explained to which she replied ‘Oh, if I’m the third party, whos the second party then?’ I had to really bite my lip on that one. Makes you wonder about some people lol.

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