Bye bye desktop

Well, this week, my poor desktop pc finally gave up the ghost and decided to pass away. No warning, just didnt switch on one day. There was power to it. Fans are going etc, just hard drive not working so may be mother board or hard drive, I dont know. So because of that, my photography has taken a hit. I do have a laptop but editing photos isnt the same on a laptop as it is on a desktop. The screen isnt sharp enough. I could, i suppose link my laptop to the main screen but I havent tried that yet.
Its nearly the weekend, and thank f**k I say. I am shattered. For some reason, this week I have been worn out all day every day. I’m looking forward to the rest. I’ve nothing special planned for the weekend apart from chilling and unwinding. Bring it on.
Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m a whole 42 years old. Still feel like an 18 year old, but damned if i can find one. ( The old ones are the best ). Frightening thing is, I can remember when my Dad was this age. That makes me feel old thinking of that.
I’ll keep you all updated as of what happens over the weekend.

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