I thought I would let you know about what happened in our house last night. Simple enough, I was going up stairs to start my bath running. As I go to the top of the stair and stepped onto the landing and glanced left as normal towards our daughters bedroom. The door was open, but what I saw, very briefly was the outline of the top half of a person. No features, just the outline. It then just disapearred.
Every so often something happens in this house. It started after our daughter was born. Just when she was able to speak, her mother was lying on our bed with her getting her settled for bedtime when she pointed to the corner of the bedroom and said ‘Mammy, who’s that man?’ D could not see a thing but G, our daughter, kept staring into the corner. Another time, a similar thing happened. Again, when lying on the bed getting G settled. G started laughing and said ‘ Who’s that funny man dancing?’ and pointed to the same corner where she did on the previous time. Another time, a few years later, I was going through some old family photos when G picked one up and said ‘I’ve seen him before, and pointed to a photo of my Grandad. I asked her where she had seen him, but she couldnt remember. My Grandad died when I was very young. It is well said that young children are more open to things with them being so innocent and not corrupted by the normal run of the mill things that we are.
Another thing that happened was when D was in the shower and I was at work. I got a phone call from a rather freaked out D, who said she was in the shower and someone blew on her. It was like a cold blast. It shook her up a bit.
And the other thing thing that happened was one evening when I was talking to my friend on the phone. I had the phone to my right ear, and to my left was a wall. Me and my friend laughed about something and straight away at the same time, There was a clear, audible laugh in my left ear. Not a metalic sound like through a phone but a clear sound as if someone was right next to me. Remeber there is a wall there. I know some may say it could be your neighbours but we never hear them plus this was in close proximity, right next to me, not through a wall.
Due to other things that I have experienced over the years. I am a firm believer of spirits. I know a lot of people are not but everyone is entitled to thier own beliefs.
One day I might blog about things I have seen and experienced. One day.

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