My recieved gift

Last night, I spoke to my Uncle Tappy on the phone after receiving a Facebook message to ring him. He explained that he had just got a phone call to return back to the USA to do a book signing. He told me that he had a book for me and wondered how he could get it to me as he was leaving at 04.30 the next morning. Even though it was 21.30 at night I agreed to pop down to his flat which is a good 10 mile away. It was a nice relaxed drive down with hardly anyone on the roads. I got his and was given a signed book which he had wrote in partnership with another man. The bit I have read so far is enthralling. I couldn’t put it down. The only reason I did stop reading it was that it was 02.00 in the morning. I would really recommend reading this.

The Wildcats

Friday night saw me and D go to Cullercoats Crescent Club to see The Wildcats play. The Wildcats are basically a band that started in Cullercoats / Whitley Bay in the late 50s early 60s. The are partly responsible for The Animals coming to fame. The Wildcats guitarist, Hilton Valentine left and joined The Animals and my Uncle, Tappy, left and became their Road Manager.
It was a brilliant night. Fantastic music that brought a smile to everyone’s faces. It was great to see so many people that I had not seen in years. I also got to spend a couple of nice hours with my dad.
D was expecting it to be a bit boring with lots of old people but was pleasantly surprised to find the night really enjoyable.
Apparently they may do another gig next year. I cant wait.