Ho Ho Ho lots of snow

Hi. I hope you are all gearing yourself up for the Christmas festivities. I am off work for about a week and really enjoying chilling instead of the stress of work. The snow is causing chaos in my area. Plenty of tailback and delays. At the moment its only a thin covering but with -6 temperatures. Even though the heating is on full, I can hardly feel it.
This week myself, D and G were at a friends 40th birthday party. We haven’t seen Jennifer for years. It was good to see her after so long. It was a very good night. Plenty of my favorite Guinness was consumed that night. The drive home in the near blizzard conditions was a bit scary.This is a video I took out of the back window of the car.

Well, this afternoon I’m visiting work for our Christmas buffet and secret santa. Wonder what I will get.