Back on the sick

My back went again. OH NO!!!! I here you say. Yep, this time I woke up in pain with it. Didn’t actually have to do anything this time. It’s been a couple of weeks so far, and I’m already up to 50mcg of Fentanyl every 3 days.
Today I went for my third lot of MRI scans since all these problems arose. Those machines are so noisy, even with foam earplugs in your ears. I was told by the lady there that since my last scans were done technology has improved greatly. Where I used to get a huge envelope containing your scans, now you get them on a DVD disk. Can’t wait to get them.
My car goes in for it long awaited service tomorrow. I’m dreading it. It’s my own stupid fault but my car hasn’t had a service since I got it nearly 3 years ago. I’m dreading the bill. On a brighter note, once I’ve got this done, I can arrange for the car to go back to the lease company and collect my new car, which is sitting waiting for me. Now that, I can’t wait for.
A few days ago, we had a phone call from the hospital where my brother is a patient. They told me that he had been rushed to intensive care as he couldn’t breath. They said it was best if we went in as he was really poorly.
When we went in he was rigged up to a non invasive ventilator. Obviously he was also rigged up to the normal heart monitors etc. He could badly speak, and what he could say was differcult to understand because of the ventilator mask he was wearing. The nurse advised us that his kidneys were failing and his lungs were collapsing due to too much acid is his blood, so his lungs had been trying to compensate for this but had decided to give up, hence the need for the machine.
The next day when we went in, he was like a different person. During the night, he had been given dialysis and put on a proper ventilator. This had worked wonders and his blood was sorted and lungs working again. This time he was able to speak better.
He has been improving each day. Hopefully this will continue.
It’s been a stressful week which I’m glad is nearly over.
I have decided to set up a channel on YouTube to do vlogs on. I only have a couple of experimental ones on there at present. I have been trying to research how people do there vlogs and make it look natural and interesting. I’m gonna have to get my finger out and try it properly. My channel is coffeeandasliceolife go check it out, subscribe and sent me a message of encouragement to spur me on. Thank you.

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