Car being checked again

Second problem with car has developed since getting it at the end of April. This time it’s the dashboard. I was driving along the other day and noticed all dashboard pointers were at zero. That revs, speed, temp and fuel. All at zero, even though at the time I was doing about 60 mph.
Once I got to my destination, which was only a 10 minute drive, I restarted the car and everything worked. Since then I’ve had no bother. Saying that, as car is still in warranty, and for safety and speed etc I have reported it to the dealers. I don’t fancy running out of fuel or being done for speeding etc.
I’m just waiting for a call to pick up car.
I will update once I have more news.

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This weekend

Hi everyone

Just to let you know, I’m away this weekend so any vlogs I do will be from my iPhone and only if I have coverage.

See you on my return


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