A nice day at the nature park

What a weekend. While lots of you in the UK are off for the bank holiday, I had to endure work yesterday ( Good Friday ) and also tomorrow ( bank holiday Monday ). Today, I had a lovely lie in. Then this afternoon we went for a family walk in the local Nature reserve. Grace fed the ducks and swans. While we were doing this, a dog came past while being walked by his owner, and decided to jump straight in to try and get the swans, while his owner was shouting at it to get out of the water. One of the swans stood its ground, spread its wings and give an almighty hiss. The dog soon backed off and scarpered. It was very funny to watch.
One bonus of going for this walk was using my Casio EX-ZR100 camera, and finding out by accident how to do macro and super macro shots.

tree knot


I’m really enjoying getting back into my photography after not doing it for so long due to ill health. Roll on my other blog being set up. It will eventually be a place to show some of my photos. Currently there is a problem with the domain name, so I’m waiting for GoDaddy getting back to me.

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