Worrying Times

We received a phone call from my 23 year old son John this afternoon. His girlfriend has been taken into hospital once again with pains. She is about 34 weeks into her pregnancy. She has been in a few times up till now, for what has been diagnosed as a water infection. This time the hospital have told them that she has Group B Streptococcus ( Group B Strep ). I had no idea until now what this is.

( From http://www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/antenatalhealth/physicalhealth/groupbstrep/
Group B streptococcus (GBS), also known as group B strep, is one of many different bacteria which live inside your body. About a third of us has GBS in our gut without even knowing it.
About a quarter of women also have GBS in their vagina. If you do, you won’t know it’s there, as GBS doesn’t have any obvious symptoms.

GBS bacteria can be passed from you to your baby during labour. But this doesn’t usually cause problems, and most women who carry GBS bacteria have healthy babies. It is thankfully only in rare cases that GBS can cause serious illness and, even more rarely, the loss of a newborn baby.

Though it’s unusual, GBS is the most common cause of severe infection in newborns, particularly in the first week after birth (early onset infection). In the UK, about 340 babies develop a GBS infection every year

The site also states:
Most babies exposed to GBS before or during birth are healthy and suffer no ill-effects.

However, about one in 2,000 babies in the UK develops a GBS infection shortly after being born. Sadly, about one in 10 of these babies dies. It’s a very rare event when a baby does not survive a GBS infection.

As you can imagine my son is really worried about this and that his girlfriend is in lots of pain

Please keep your fingers crossed that turns out ok.

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