Grid visit

On Sunday just gone, my friends, Paul,, Rob and myself, were invited to go on the starting grid at the BTCC Touring Car meeting at Croft. We were invited on by ex BTCC driver Martyn Bell who now works for Dynojet, who Frank Wrathall drives for. It was a fantastic experience that I will never forget. We are all very grateful to Martyn and the team at Dynojet for allowing us the chance to do this.

Wrathall 1

Wrathall 2

Wrathall 3

Wrathall 4

Wrathall 5

I’m a Grandad!!!

Well what a manic couple of months its been. I’ve had so much on that by the time I get spare time, I’m completely shattered. Too shattered to do any social networking stuff, so my apologies for not being around lately.
I’m back at work now after a couple of weeks holiday, straight into a new call queue at work and the phone lines have been going crazy. Ive been going home after work, having something to eat then virtually falling asleep watching tv.
There is some good news though. Since my last blog, I have become a proud Grandad at the ripe old age of 43.

Me and James first hold

Little Jack was born 7 pounds 6 oz on 6th June. He’s a lovely little guy. Everything went well eventually with the birth, although at the beginning they thought the mother may have to have a Caesarian as the heart rate dropped. Thankfully in the nick of time, it came back up so the mother gave birth naturally.
The last week though, Jack has had to be admitted to hospital as he wasnt keeping food down and his heart rate shot up to 200 bpm. Apparently it should be between 150 and 190 max. This is even happening while Jack is asleep. They cannot find out the reason but hopefully they will soon. He was allowed home last night with a monitor that records everything thats happening with the baby. He has to go back in today for them to check the results. Fingers crossed for little Jack.