Coffee Star

I had a quiet day today, well that was after I managed to get out of bed. Last night I had an awful nights sleep. It was after 03.30 when I eventually got to sleep. Due to my back problem, I had pains in my legs, right arm, neck and hips / pelvis. I woke Denise up a few times twitching, jumping, huffing and puffing, moaning and all round irritation from not being able to get to sleep. I was getting myself frustrated, which didn’t help matters. As a result, it was nearly midday when Denise woke me up with a phone call. As Grace finished school early I’ve not had time to go and see my Dad today, but did speak to him on the phone. He seemed in good spirits, which is always pleasing to hear. I will be popping down to see him tomorrow, and sort through yet more paperwork. Grace is going to help shred papers, with the now dry and working shredder. After doing a bit of work, I might treat my Dad to a Costa coffee. He seems to enjoy going there now, well I hope he does. It was funny the other day, he seems to like, and find it funny that Costa top off their cappuccinos with a chocolate star. They other day they didn’t do it, and my dad noticed lol. He laughed, saying ‘where my star?’, pointing at his coffee. I am going to have to make sure in future he has a star on there. I might take a stencil in and ask the to put a ‘G’ on for his name and see what he does. I’ll let you know if I do that.

coffee star

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