Sorted with the solicitors, and Run Geordie Run

This morning, I arrived at my Dad’s house with half an hour to spare until we had to go to the solicitors, only to be going through the paperwork, making sure we had everything we needed, and finding out the time for the solicitors was at 14.00, not 11.30. I was not expecting that. Another 2 and a half hours to waste. We were all set to got to that appointment. We decided to go to Boots to get my prescription put in for my pain killers then go for a coffee, or two. After filling in time at Costa coffee, we walked along to the solicitors. This solicitor was as you would expect a solicitor to look. Very professional and authoritarian looking, but at the same time was very down to earth and telling us about his experiences with our local hospital. After the initial chit chat, icebreaking talk, we got down to business and handed over all paperwork we could find, to be informed that the process could take 8 – 12 weeks to complete. This is the irritating part of the process, all the waiting. As anyone who has been in this situation will tell you, you just want everything to be over so you can get on with your life, and get some form of normality back to it. Both me and my Dad are both looking forward to that.
My Dad, dropped a comment into the conversation whilst at the solicitors, after the solicitor advised making a will. He did state we didm;t have to do it through themselves, so he obviously wasn’t looking for business, just offering advice. My dad took me by surprise and said that he wasn’t going to be around much longer himself. I was a bit taken aback by this as it showed a bit about what he was thinking. Like I’ve said previously, he does not give much away about how he is feeling or what he is thinking. Whether thats due to his upbringing or that he doesn’t want me to worry, or a bit of both. He also mentioned about the trials he is soon to start at the Sir Bobby Robson Wing of The Freeman Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne. He said that the chances of the trials helping him are 1 in 20. Not the best odds, I’m sure you will agree, but its better than zero chance. Plus, the fact, that he is helping to find a cure for cancer. Sir Bobby Robson used to positively say “when’ not ‘if’ we beat cancer” ( Quote from Run Geordie Run / Mark Allison’s blog )

On that subject, Please support Mark Allison’s quest to raise money for the The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation . Please check out, and and on Twitter @rungeordierun. Please drop him a line and show his some support. He replies to his tweets. He is doing an amazing job raising a lot of money for a great cause, which for obvious reasons, is close to my heart.
Not only is my Dad going to be attending the Sir Bobby Robson Cancer Trials Research Centre in the Sir Bobby Robson Wing, my brother was also on that wing as well, when he was critically ill, Not in the Trials Research Centre, but on that wing of the hospital.
He got moved from there to St. Oswalds Hospice in Gosforth, where he later died in 2011. My Brother, James, suffered from kidney failure and blindness, as well as other multiple problems, most of which stemmed from diabetes.

Mark is running across Australia from Perth to Sydney on October 16th 2013 arriving on Bondi Beach on December 24th 2013.

All funds raised for the run across Australia are split between The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation (Charity No. 1057213) and The Children’s Foundation (Charity No. 1000013) who do wonderful work with children in the region where he lives.

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