A Sunday helping out

This afternoon, I took John to the CIU club where I have been a member since I was old enough, My brother, JJ, as well, since he was old enough. My Dad and his Dad ( my Grandad ) were also members. My Grandad was one of the founder members of this club many, many, years ago. The guy at the club, who does all the paperwork etc for memberships, did us a big favour and managed to get John, my brother JJ’s membership number. JJ passed away in 2011, so John getting his number has made me really happy, as its keeping that number in the family. When I told my Dad, a smile came on his face. That was lovely to see. When we find his card, I am going to see if my Grandad’s number is still free. If so, I am going to ask if I can have it.

Once we got my Dad back home, we set up his new light that we bought from Ikea. He said that he liked it. John also gave me a hand to get the main room light shade down to give it a good clean. Its a big spherical, glass ball, which was really dirty from normal household dust, but also smoke from where my Mam used to smoke under it. After cleaning it, I noticed it actually had a pattern on it that I had never seen before. It’s quite a nice shade once cleaned, and also gives off more light as well.

Once home, I had my Sunday lunch which consisted of pork, with loads of crackling. For anyone who does not know what crackling is, it is the rind or skin off pork, but once cooked, it goes crispy and tastes devine. With that was the normal veg, and mash, and home made gravy which had peppercorn in it, resulting in a tangling at the back of my throat from the pepper.

After that, me and my two friends Marc ( http://marccorn.co.uk/blog/ ) and Carl ( http://lifeofcarl.co.uk ), went on a Google+ hangout and helped Carl move his blog from WordPress.com to a server based WordPress.org blog. He looked a happy as a pig in mud, but at the same time funny, watching his face contort with concentration. I’m looking forward to seeing how his blog develops over time. Also, I managed to get an RSS / Atom reader for my favourite blogs, set up on my blog, which acts a bit like a blog roll in the side bar. I’m please with the way it looks at the moment as I have been after something like that for a while now.

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