A long but eventful day

11 / 01 / 2013

Today did not start well. I spent the first hour ( or two ), ringing the home insurance company AND the mortgage company. You see, every year I have to inform the mortgage company that I have valid home insurance, as per the mortgage agreement. Every year, I get my home insurance company to fax the mortgage company direct with the new insurance policy to confirm I’m covered, and if I don’t, then the mortgage company place their own insurance on top of the mortgage. This happened in 2011 – 2012, and it turned out I had been paying insurance premiums to both companies. When this happens, theres an agreement between all insurance companies that they go 50/50 on the refunds due for the over payment. Its called dual cover, or something like that.Last year I got half back, but, down to what I can only describe on my behalf as pure laziness, I never claimed the second half back and ended up losing the forms. This year I decided to get my finger out and claim it back. I received new forms in the post, but to save time I asked the insurance company to fax the mortgage company direct with the forms, which they agreed. This was a week ago, and it still has not been received. That was over a week ago. This may not seem bad but, on top of this is an ongoing problem whereas this year, since the beginning of January, the insurance company has faxed the mortgage company 4 times with the insurance details to show I’m covered. The first one, I accept was the old policy so I can understand why that was not accepted but the 2nd, 3rd and 4th times, they say they never received and keep sending me letters saying that they don’t have records of my cover. But at the same time the insurance company say that they have been faxing them, and confirming the details, and that according to their fax machine, the documents were received by the mortgage companies fax machine. I’m stuck in the middle having to take time to make all these phone calls and getting more and more stressed about it, at a time, I could do without any more stress. I’m at a loss.

After all that fiasco, I went with my Dad to the bank to fill in and sign more paperwork. With that done, thankfully, from what I can tell, thats it for now. Its just a waiting game with the solicitors, with regards to letters of administration. This is like a probate type thing, but when no will is left. This could take2 possibly 3 months, depending how complicated it is. Hopefully not that long though. So for the time being, my Dad can eventually take time out to relax and start sorting the house out, when he feels up to it that is. Theres loads of stuff, as you can imagine for him to clear out. My Mam’s clothes and personal stuff that are no longer needed. I told my Dad, If he wanted me to do her wardrobes, I would. If he found it to hard. All over the house, though, there are things that nned clearing. Either thrown out, given to charity, or packed away in boxes. It is going to have to be done at some point, and I know my Dad. He does not like fuss, so I can well imagine him just not doing it and convincing himself that he is not ready to do it, no matter how long it is, and when the time eventually comes that my Dad ‘goes’, we will have the entire contents of his and my Mam’s to clear, in the two weeks the council give us to empty the house.

Tonight, was a lot less stressful. Grace went ice skating for the first time, at the temporary ice rink at Newcastle’s Centre Of Life. This ice rink comes every year at winter and is there for a couple of months before being packed away again. Now, considering it was her first ever time on ice skates, she looked really confident. She obviously had to hold onto the side most of the time, as she was not used to it, but compared to some of the other kids, she did not look worried or frightened at all. I was really impressed. She only fell over once when she pushed herself away too hard and ended up on her butt with a thud. I think it was more her pride that took a battering then, although she may have a sore butt tomorrow.

This is G, posing for the camera. D and myself we really proud of her.

First time ice skating. Taken at Newcastle's Centre of Life. 11/01/2013
First time ice skating. Taken at Newcastle’s Centre of Life. 11/01/2013

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