Brink Of Bedlam. Why I like it.

I’m sitting here in the early hours of the morning, having myself cheesy Mug Shot. They are like a Pot Noodle type thing but in my opinion fractionally nicer, as long you don’t have the Thai flavoured one. That is gross. Anyway, I have to say, sitting up at this time, tends to get a bit on the chilly side when your still at the tail end of winter, and sitting in a tshirt and joggers. I would just get complained at if I even put the heating on for half an hour, as the upstairs of the house heats up very quick and would be like a sweat box in no time for D and our daughter G who are both in bed. So while I sit here, eating noodles in a watery juice, I am trying to think of a subject to write about today. One thing springs to mind is the writing style of a blog I enjoy reading. I have after a while, got back to try and catch up with one of my favourite blogs, The Brink Of Bedlam. ( ). This is not a review as such, just my opinion about Brink of Bedlam. This blog is wrote by a lovely, and very funny lady called Kay. She writes about her family life, including all the ups and downs. Even her ‘About’ page is funny. Virtually every blog post she writes makes me laugh. The way she describes things is always a breath of fresh air to me. I really wish I could communicate about whats happened to me, on my blog, the way she does on hers. I’m being honest when I say Brink of Bedlam is always top of the list when people ask what blogs I read, even if in truth I’ve missed a few months due to personal reasons.

Kay, if you do ever read this, let me know if you ever decide to start teaching online about blog writing, and I will subscribe for sure. I would love to be able to make my reader(s) laugh the way you makes me laugh. Anyway, enough of my rambling. Pop across to her blog and check it out. Its well worth a visit. Please tell her I sent you. Also, follow her on Twitter at

Bye for now, and happy reading.

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