Blog advice needed please

I have read somewhere, on the tinterweb, about being social when blogging. If you comment on other peoples blogs, and be active blogger all round, people will view and leave comments on my blog. It apparently works both way. Well from my experience, It doesn’t work both ways. I have left comments on loads of blog posts over the last several weeks, and not received one email back to say that comment has been replied to. On top of that, I get very few comments on my blog. The ones I do get are always from the same few, regulars. To them I am thankful. My views have been gradually building, which is nice but not the comments. To date, I have had a total of 19 comments since I began this channel. Its not a major thing. I do my blog because I enjoy doing it and I hope everyone out there that does visit my blog, enjoys reading my posts, but it would be nice to get comments so I can see how each post is received and what you all thought of them. Please don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a rant or anything like that. I’m just curious ( and admittedly a bit frustrated ). I would love to know, how other bloggers build up a following who do actually comment and reply. I would be super dooper fantastic, if anyone can offer advice on what they do, or what they did in the beginning to start building comments.

Thanks for listening to me on such a subject that thousands of other bloggers have probably spoke about in the past.

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