Diets, weight and pain

Today I went to see my physio. I did a bit of fast walking on the treadmill the some stretches, then some exercises on the gym ball. The gym ball is one of those huge inflatable balls that you can use for all sorts of keep fit stuff. I did a few exercises that I have not done before. Since getting back home, I can definitely feel it in my lower back and midriff. No pain, no gain, some people say. I would rather have the gain without the pain thank you very much. Its all for a good cause though. I have to build up the core muscles again, to help my back and posture. Having years of back problems have not done my body any favours. I know I don’t stand correctly. When my back ‘goes’, I am doubled over like an old man, and often need the help of a walking stick to be able to stand up. I used to be so fit when I was younger. I used to play football all the time and do lots of running and fun runs. These days I cannot run full stop. I would love to be able to run again, but because of my prolapsed disk, theres to much risk involved. Well, there is at the moment. One day I would love to get back into shape and do running again. Some people say, ‘why don’t you try swimming?’ Apart from trying to fit swimming in around work and home life, especially when you have to try and find a time slot when the kids aren’t running riot in the pool, which makes it difficult to do lengths. Also its the cost. These days, I find swimming, on a regular basis, expensive. Money I can do without spending and can be used for other things. This is a shame, because I do enjoy swimming, and maybes having a sauna afterwards as well. It’s something I may consider for the future though.


Losing weight is another thing I need to do. Being about 4 stone overweight is not helping my back at all. Thats like having 28 bags of sugar strapped to your body permanently . Because I’m broad / stocky ( ish ), loads of people don’t believe I am that much overweight. I have just learned overtime to hold my belly in a lot. I have tried Slimming World in the past and lost 3 stone, but my body looked like skin and bone when I lay down. That wasn’t even my ideal weight. The problem I find with diets such as Slimming World, is that I get the munchies for chocolate to the point where I am going nuts with the cravings for the stuff. Don’t get me wrong, D is doing great on Slimming World, and it can be a really successful diet if done correctly, but I struggle after a while to keep focused in it. I read a great book once by the hypnotist Paul McKenna called ‘So You Want To Be Thin’. Before going into the ways he thinks you should eat and train your mind, he gives some of his opinions on diets, and the way people eat. It’s very interesting. If you have not read this book, give it a read. It will make you think a bit differently. I should dig the book back out and go through it again to try and refocus my mind on losing weight. I’m not after a ripped six pack and pecks etc like some airbrushed pop star. I just would love to be a healthy weight, which in turn should reduce my back issues so I don’t have constant pain anymore.
I would love to hear peoples opinions on what I have just said, any tips or experiences you may have. You never know, one of you may say something that flicks the switch in my brain and motivates me.


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