My Dad can cook

WOW!! thats all I can say about the tablets I took, and have taken tonight to help me sleep. I’ve been prescribed Trazadone 50mg by the doctor. They aren’t sleeping tablets, but anti-depressants, but he has given me these to help me relax as my Amitriptyline didn’t work at all. I might as well of took Smarties to help me sleep. I took the Trazadone last night at about 8pm. By midnight, I still couldn’t feel any effect from them, but come 1am, My eyes were really starting to struggle to stay open. It felt like they were try to roll backwards into the back on my eye sockets. It was then I decided enough was enough, and I had to go to bed. I lay my head on the pillow, gave D a few well placed digs in the ribs with my elbow to stop her snoring, then fell asleep, and that was that. You could of dropped a bomb on the house and I wouldn’t of known anything about it. D rang me at 9am this morning to wake me up. “Time to get up, its 9 o’clock” she said. “ok, I’m getting up”, I replied in my drug induced, still half sedated voice, then commenced to fall asleep again. When I did eventually wake up, it was 10.45am. I still didn’t want to get up but had to as I had to go to my Dad’s today. It would be lovely to stay in bed all day, but there’s no chance of that.

Once I did get up, I had a quick cuppa then shower then off to my Dad’s. He was in good spirits. He gave me instructions on how to make a nice broth like he made this morning. I had to have a sample taste. It tasted lovely but no doubt, I will forget how to make it, even though from what I remember, the instructions were not too difficult to follow. I can make a few nice easy meals, like Chilli Con Carni, and Spag Bol ( Spaghetti Bolognese ), and few basic things like pizza and chips etc, but I’m not that adventurous otherwise. I would love to be able to make a nice, thick broth, or home made pie etc. I think, in this day and age, with both parents normally working and not having enough spare time, people become to reliant on ready meals or stuff from tins and jars. I think the art of ‘proper’ home made cooking from scratch is disappearing. What do you think? Did your Mum, or Dad for that matter, do ‘real’ home made meals. I know my Mam did. When she was able to, before she had a stroke, she was brilliant cook and was well known for the stuff she made. She seemed to know how to make anything. One thing I find funny is, that since my Mam has passed away, I have learned that my Dad can actually cook as well. Apparently my Mam never let my Dad cook very much. This must be why I don’t have any memories of my Dad cooking. It has been a nice surprise to find out that he can cook, and he has been giving me tips. I will have to take a notebook down with me sometime to write recipes and instructions down. He has even been teaching me how to use the pressure cooker I have in the cupboard that has never been out of the box. I always had a fear of pressure cookers, in case I do something wrong, and it ends up exploding and blowing a vertical hole through the kitchen ceiling, bathroom, loft, then goes into orbit, bouncing satellites out of their orbit, then goes on the news, via NASA as some sort of metallic unidentified flying object.
Tonight was yet another mammoth session of finance planning. Tonight we managed to get all the way to the New Year planned. G even managed to get herself involved in it. I’m glad she is taking an interest. I want her, like many parent do with their kids, to get to realise that money DOES NOT grown on trees.

Money Tree

In G’s defence, apart from liking the expensive drinks at Starbuck and the expensive meals at McDonalds she is not the type of girl that always wants money. She has, in the past, even turned down the offer of something and said ” No, we cannot afford it”. Hearing this can make me and D feel bad but it shows she does think about the cost of stuff sometimes which only be good.

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