Costa, Our ill cat

What a start to the weekend. On Friday our youngest cat, Costa, started to show signs of being unwell. He is normally a lively two and a half year old, doing all the stuff young cats love to do. Terrorising our older cat Molly, chasing shadows on the floor, racing around the house at full speed like so demented jaguar on speed and all them sort of things. Now he is very lethargic and just wants to sleep. Friday night he slept in the bathroom, and Saturday morning he was still there. As far as we can tell, he has not been to the loo since Friday morning, or had anything to eat or drink. He doesn’t seem to be in any pain, just lethargic. I rang the vet to be on the safe side. They said, as he is so young, and should be full of energy, to bring him in so he can be checked over by the vet. So I dug the cat carrier out of the shed, go Costa into it, and headed off to the vets with G. At the vets, Costa had a very thorough examination by the vet. She spent ages examining his stomach. Eventually she was happy that what she could feel was actually his kidneys. The worst part was when she had to take his temperature. Obviously on cats, this is done rectally. Costa REALLY did not want this, and we had to pretty much pin him down to get it done. It turns out he has a high temperature and possibly an infection. We were sent on our way with some antibiotics and told to monitor him over night and if no improvement, to give them a ring. Next morning, he was again lying on the bathroom floor. And there was no change apart from being very very slightly more alert. Still not eating though but he did have a very long drink last night out of his bowl and has also been trying to drink out of the bathroom and kitchen taps. We rang the vets again as there wasn’t, in my opinion, enough improvement. They said to bring him in again. D, myself and G took Costa back. This time, ( after another battle to get the thermometer inserted where the sun doesn’t shine,they said his temperature has risen again and they were going to admit him so they can run blood tests and feed him fluids etc. They said that they don’t think he is in any danger. A couple of hours later, the vets rang to say that blood tests had come back and confirmed that his kidneys are absolutely fine, but his white blood cells were a bit too high, which to them shows signs of an infection. We rang last night to check how he was. We were told that he was comfortable but has still not eaten or been to the loo and the vet will ring us in the morning as he does his rounds. This morning the vet rang to say, Costa is getting very stressed at being in a kennel and is wanting to fight every time they try to take his temperature. They think, if they give us all the fluids and antibiotics to bring home, he will be more relaxed at home and will improve faster. They seem to think in two or three days, he should be more like his normal self.

This is Costa just after he got home, having a good clean. You can just see the bald patch on his front leg.
Costa back home
It’s now night time, and Costa is back home. I could tell in the car home he was more alert. He was meowing to be out. This is something he didn’t do for the last couple of car journeys. He is normally a bit scared when in a car. As soon as he go home, we removed the bandage he had on his leg, as instructed by the vets, to reveal a bald patch on his right front leg. Straight away he went to his food bowl and polished off most of the food that was there. We gave him a few minutes before wrapping him in a towel for our own protection more than his, and gave him his first lot of medicine. He wasn’t keen but as he couldn’t struggle, he had no choice but to go along with it. After this, and about ten minutes, he was back looking for more food. Which we gave hime on this occasion as we want him to eat. He polished most of that off as well. We are so happy he is eating. All we need now is for him to have a bowel movement then we will relax a bit more. For the moment, we are not allowing him out until we are sure the infection has cleared.

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