Not what we were expecting


Arrived at the home and immediately saw the doctor. She said that Dad had shown signs of improvement so they have decided to reapply his intravenous fluids for the time being. I asked about his catheter which had been removed and if that would be reapplied as well. She said it will be.
She agreed with me that this is more than likely a short term remission. She also said that if he shouts out for Nursey and then drops off to sleep again that’s fine as he may not know he is even doing it, but if he shouts and doesn’t go back to sleep and starts getting agitated then we should tell the nurse so they can give him sedatives.
This is exactly what he did. There was no settling him. He was shouting for Nursey, even when the nurse was there. He had is eyes virtually fully close but as if he was asleep but still getting agitated.
We decided to wait till he settled down quite a bit then went to make a coffee. When we came back, he was asleep again, which was good. He stayed this way pretty much all afternoon and evening even though the home had a children’s fair on in the grounds, some of which went outside his window.


D and myself came back from the Royal Quays to find Dad still asleep, until that is about quarter of an hour later when he started asking for Nursey.

It took ages to calm Dad down. He had to be given 2 different injections to settle him. The first had no effect, which is unusual.
Anyway once the medication has set in, after what seemed an age, Dad settled down and went to sleep. Its absolutely awful seeing a loved one so agitated. The nurse said that a lot of the time, he won’t be aware he is shouting out. Doesn’t make it any easier to watch though.


Saturday 13th July 2013

As I sit here typing this post, I am in the day room of the nursing home where my Dad is currently a resident. I am so nervous. You see, yesterday my Uncle Tappy and myself came in to see the doctor to get an update on my Dad’s condition. We were informed that I is now only a matter of a few days at the most, possibly even that day. I took Tappy home after that then went home myself. A few hours later I was back again, but this time with D. I couldn’t help myself. I just sat a watched my Dad breathing. Every time his breathing changed or paused, my heart skipped a beat. After a couple of hours we went home. I didn’t want to leave, but I needed food and rest and to get changed and showered. Also Denise has work today so she needed rest as well.
So this morning I have come straight to see Dad. They currently have my Dad sedated as he was getting very distressed for the last few days. They have also removed his drip for his fluids. Dad looks very peaceful. More peaceful than I’ve seen him in a while. Still, as I watch him sleep, I am so nervous something will happen while I am by myself but at the same time, I do hope he passes in his sleep without any distress.
Dad woke up and ate a full bowl of ice cream and had a few slurps of coke. As Dad does not appear to recognise me, I thought it best to talk to him as if I was nearly of the carers so he felt more settled knowing someone was keeping an eye on him. Anything to try and keep him calm.

Joe my Son turned up. He’s not seen Dad for a while. He seemed to be ok, and said he was but he was suprised at how much weight Dad had lost since the last time he saw him. He also commented on the yellow colour of Dad’s skin. I explained dome of the things that happen, have happened already and will happen. Harsh I know, but he needs to understand what’s happening.

Dad has just had more medication to sedate him. The reason for this is because I walked into his room and his breathing has got quite rapid. I got a bit of a fright and told the carer who got the nurse. I thought ‘it’ was happening. That shows how hard I am finding this time accept, by calling it ‘it’. I’m struggling to say the words. You all know what I mean.

I noticed again that my Dad’s breathing has changed. His chest is moving up and down normally but his stomach is moving a lot faster. As I quietly entered the room, he woke up and instantly started shouting for Nursey. This is what he has been calling the nurses since he started getting confused. I got the nurse and explained about his chest and stomach and his shouting. She asked me to give them a minute to check him over. After checking him, she came to me and explained that his heart rate is now irregular and as well as the obvious all over change in skin colour to yellow meaning his kidneys are starting to fail, the backs of his legs are now turning blue, meaning his circulation is starting to fail. She also explained that they had just given him some more sedative so it will settle him down again.
I cannot explain how I am starting to feel about things at the moment. Its like I feel numb.
I left to come home and get something to eat get my head together and wait for Denise to get home from work.


D, Tappy and myself arrived at the home. Dad is still asleep. So not to disturb Dad, we went and sat in the day room. After 10 minutes or so, D nipped along to check on Dad. She came back and said he was shouting for Nursey again. I went along and pressed the call button for the nurse. They came and we left them alone while they made Dad comfortable. After doing that, the nurse explained to us that they have had to remove his catheter as it wasn’t working any more, and after that, he was able to pee freely so was obviously in a bit discomfort due to this.

A little later on, the nurse explained that they have increased his medication from 10mg to 15mg as the 10mg was no longer keeping Dad settled and comfortable.


D drove Tappy home while I stayed at the home with a coffee. I checked in on Dad every so often and then sat in the garden area to relax.
This is more than likely going to sound awful but while I was outside, a couple of funeral directors turned up to collect someone. I recognised one of them straight away. It was Alan, who was the director who dealt with my mother’s funeral back in January of this year. I said hi to him and we got on chatting. I explained about Dad. He was very sorry and suprised to hear the news. As Alan did such a great job arranging my mother’s funeral, and my Dad got on really well with him I asked if he would have any problems being the director for my Dad’s funeral once he has gone. He said there would be no problem at all apart from he will be off work next week if that’s when it would be. I think my Dad would be pleased it was the same lovely man arranging his funeral as sorted his wife’s.
Again I didn’t feel right leaving to come home but we were shattered and needed food.

Cycling, fun? Not at the moment!

This morning I decided to put G’s mountain bike in the boot of my car and take it to the local Halford’s to get the brakes repaired on it, after my failed attempt last night. I say failed, but it wasn’t a complete failure. I managed to replace the inner tube on the rear wheel and get it pumped up. I was chuffed with that, as I have not done that sort of thing for about 30 years. The failure part came when I couldn’t figure out how to get the chain back on the cogs etc and also the brake was all to hell. So off I went today to Halford’s. I spent ages there while the young lad ( Adam was his name ) totally fixed the bike. What a trooper he was. And it didn’t cost that much. G will be chuffed when she gets to go on it. This is where part two of the problems started. I got my bike out. Pumped up the tyres, changed the seat bracket for a quick release one, fitted an under seat wedge bag and also a new hand tyre pump. I was well happy. So happy that I wasn’t even to bothered about how much of a dork I looked in the cycle helmet.
Me in my spanking new cycle helmet.

Away I went on my bike. Its the first time Ive riden this bike since I bought it cheap at a second hand store a couple of weeks ago. I got half a mile along the road and started hearing a weird noise. When I got off and checked, the tyre was rubbing on the frame, but only at a certain part of the wheel. Bother. I cycled home, although tentatively, put this bike in my boot and went yet again to Halford’s. As I suspected, the wheel was buckled. The guys there actually straightened it up for me and put it back on the bike, and pumped my tyres up a bit more, all for free. The service there is great.
Once I got home, I thought I’ll go out for half an hour on it, before its time to go to the home to visit dad, The bike was running much better now, BUT, the god damn gears won’t change properly, so when I got to a slight hill, it nearly killed me. I had to stop at the top to let my lungs relax a bit, before the downhill ride home.
I survived the ride, which is good as I have not been on a bike for about 20+ years and have only recently given up smoking. Mind you, when I say I survived, my backside was aching a bit from the seat, even though my new seat is very padded.
I must get some shut eye. It’s 01.50 and I need to be up in the morning to go and do more work at my Dad’s house. See what other antiquities turn up this time. I’m gonna blog sometime about some of the stuff I’ve found in the house. Really old unusual stuff.
Thats for another time though.

‘Haunted’, 35, Stonegate, York. My experience and review.

Has anyone experienced anything like I did when I did the tour of the house on 5th April this year. This is the 4th time Ive done the tour, so now I just blank the audio out altogether. On this occasion I was with my partner and 3 other friends. Entering the shop, all was fine, paid the money and went through to the waiting area. The instant I crossed the threshold from the waiting room into the first room, I got a strong, horrible feeling like someone was very ( and I mean VERY ) close. It was like a very imposing,threatening feeling. It was making me feel weak and light headed a bit. This continued all through the house apart from the mirror room and the dining room. In the Seance Room I saw a dull grey shape appear in front of the fire place. It was about 25 inches ( ish ) in height, about 3 ft off the ground. It fade away then came back in same place but smaller about 12 – 15 inches the disappeared. On photos I took there, an orb shows in exactly the same place at the same time, but I just put this down to dust as the room was dusty at the time. Then in the cellar, the close, imposing, threatening feeling was back. I even took an arms length photo of myself just in case something showed , but nothing appeared on the photo. All of a sudden my mouth tasted and felt as if it filled up with blood. It tasted awful. So bad I put my torch on and stuck my fingers in my mouth to check. Nothing was there, my mouth was not bleeding. It was a horrible, bloody / coppery taste.
Even after leaving the tour and being back in the shop I felt weak and light headed and still had the horrible taste in my mouth. This taste stayed with me all night, even after scrubbing my mouth with toothpaste back at the hotel and having drinks at the pubs etc. It was with me till I fell asleep that night but was gone in the morning.
Whats peoples thoughts on this, and have any of you experienced anything like this while at the house? Out of the 4 times Ive been there, this time was the worst. Still wont stop me going back though.

To me, this place is the most active place I have ever been. For anyone who is ‘sensitive’, this place is a must to visit, and if possible, do one of the organised night time ghost hunts.

Update: fingers crossed, and all being well in my personal life, I shall be going back to the house for a proper ghost hunt at the beginning of August with GCUK ( ). I wonder what sort of unearthly experiences I shall have on that occasion.

Sorry, I’m still here

Hi everyone, just a quick post to let everyone know I’m still around. I feel a bit bad about not posting anything in ages. I know it would more than likely do me good to do a blog, but to be honest, I have had no time, and have been absolutely shattered. There is so much going on at present in my life. Non of it good unfortunately. When I have a chance I will update you all on whats been happening. Take care and speak soon. Steve