The start of a new me. A quick review of the Fitbit One.

Prior to the start of our newest, most recent diet which we all start as a family on Monday coming, I have decided to treat myself to something I have wanted for about a year or so now. A fitbit, or to be more precise, a Fitbit One.
The Fitbit One is a small wireless activity and sleep tracker. Its about the size of a small pen / flash drive. About 2 inches long approx.
Fitbit One

This little gem, once set up correctly, can automatically sync with your Fitbit account and upload your activity for that day. Everything from steps taken, calories taken in and burned, (although where this is concerned, all the foods you enter onto your account, at the moment are American so UK users may have to guess and click on the nearest, or manually input foods, including calories, sodium, carbs etc. This can be a pain, until Fitbit include English foods and brands). sleep, and awake times which I find really useful for monitoring how much or little you sleep and seeing where you wake up or are restless.
Fitbit One sleep pattern
I was quite shocked by how little sleep I had that night and explained why I woke up feeling shattered.

Another thing it monitors is stairs climbed. This to me is a little misleading as it does not necessarily mean stairs. It apparently works using the inbuilt altimeter which monitors atmospheric pressure changes, so walking along a road that goes up a hill has the same effect. Apparently its set to 1 set of stairs = 10 feet rise.
It also measures distance travelled.
On your Fitbit account you can set targets or goals to reach each day, which encourages you to do more walking etc. Also, you can add friends on there and have a bit of friendly competition and support each other.
You get all the sync and charge cables required for connecting it to your pc or Mac, and setting it up. You also get a rubber belt / bra clip which has a really secure strong clip.

And to complete the package you get a soft velcro wrist strap to wear while asleep. I’ve worn this strap three times now and unlike wearing a watch for bed, you don’t really notice this. On the subject of using it in bed, there is also a silent alarm feature that gently vibrates on your wrist without waking your partner.

After using the Fitbit One for 3 days, I have found myself being more aware of how much, or how little walking I do and I have been trying, when possible to get those few extra steps in. For example, walking round to the shop instead of doing the lazy thing and driving, or taking a different street in town to get to my destination, just because its a slightly longer route, or goes up a bit of a hill.

So far I’ve not really logged my food intake for the calories, partly because its all american brands, and I’m finding I am having to log lots of stuff manually and update the data for it, like calories, carbs, sodium etc, but also we are not starting our diet until Monday coming. I suppose I should get into the habit of doing it now and just pick what I think is the closest brand, which could be quite a way off on the calories, or create a new item with the data from the packet. At least I might get a rough idea of how many calories I’m intaking. As for calories burned, I’m not sure how thats calculated. It might go off your current weight and height that you input when you set your account up, compared to calorie intake and exercise you do.

For all us smart phone users out there, there is an app to help you track your daily activity. Once installed and connected to your account, it sync’s with your Fitbit One to give you a mobile, more concise version of what you would get via the full website. It supports a lot of the more modern phones, and has just started supporting the Samsung Galaxy S4 as well which I’m pleased about as thats what I use. Please note, it does require a network connection.

This is not a paid review.
Fitbit’s website can be found here