Goodbye to my childhood home

Since 14th July this year, when my Dad sadly passed away, I have been sorting out his and my Mam’s stuff at their house. I always thought it was my Dad that was the hoarder, but it turns out my Mam was worse. Its been a long, hard slog to get the house empty so that I could give the keys back to the council. It’s cost us a small fortune. Even though my Dad was the tenant and he was no longer with us, I still had to pay full rent every single week. Theres a few things I get really annoyed with the council about. Having to pay full rent is one of them. If theres a way to screw people over and get money, they will do it. The council have also refused point blank to move on their decision to allow me to take the house over, even though my family have lived there for 39 years, and I grew up there. They are sticking to the rules 100% where thats concerned. We all know local councils stick to the rules unless it suits them. I tried everything including speaking to the local councillors and enquiring about buying the property, but no, they stuck to their guns and refused. All the neighbours want me to move in, partly because they know me and I would be a good neighbour, and partly because they are all worried about who will be moved in if I didn’t get it. Its all by the by now, I can’t move in. In some ways, I am relieved its over as its been expensive and has taken so long to sort it out and it’s been like a weight on my shoulders and very stressful and upsetting at times. On the other hand, It’s very sad having to hand back my childhood home that holds so many memories for me.