Love is

Love is, waking up with the love of your life
Love is, one day seeing her as your wife
Love is, having someone to share your time
Love is, knowing forever you’ll be mine

Love is, having you there through thick and thin
Love is, enjoying your cheeky grin
Love is, surviving our every woes
Love is, like a gentle china rose

Love is, a snowflake on a winters day
Love is, a sailing boat in a small sheltered bay
Love is, a tiny acorn on a forest floor
Love is, a lover coming back from war

Love is, the making up after a fight
Love is, looking into her eyes, so sparkling and bright
Love is, forgiving all their wrongs
Love is, singing to each other your favourite songs

Love is, the first time holding your new born child
Love is, that special feeling when you first smiled
Love is, looking back through stories told
Love is, that cute red nose, when the weather is cold

Love is, promising you will always be true
Love is, that special bond like we always knew
Love is, growing old and your grandchild’s breath
Love is, everlasting long, after our deaths

Miss you Dad

Well my cold has been getting worse over the last few days resulting in me virtually losing my voice last night and today and having loads of phlegm ( I know, its a yuk subject ) I am left today feeling like crap. Apart from feeling rough, today is a hard day for other reasons. Today would of been the 74th birthday of my Dad who passed away on the 14th July this year. I still miss him so much. As much as I did the day he left us. Its still hard to get my head around the fact that in the space of less than two years, I lost my whole family. My brother in Aug 2011, my Mam in Jan 2013 and then my Dad in July 2013. Its no wonder that I am so mentally screwed up at the moment. Its taken since July till about 2 weeks ago just to finish clearing their house to hand it back to the council, so Ive not had much of a chance to grieve. One day I hope I can find it in myself to grieve. These last two years have been so hectic that I have just held everything in to the point I can’t let go. One day hopefully, one day.

Dyson DC59 Animal review

This is not a paid review. It is merely a review of this product that I have recently bought.

For all those people, like myself, that are used to traditional upright vacuums or those pull along things that are designed for the stairs, and who think the Dyson DC59 Animal, looks like a skinny motorised futuristic broom or brush, you could be forgiven for thinking that it couldn’t possibly be very powerful or at least not as powerful as a traditional vacuum. Believe me when I tell you, this cordless vacuum certainly packs a big punch.
Dyson DC59

I got this because our previous vacuum kept cutting out. It started having problems virtually to the day the warranty ran out. I was mooching around in our local electrical store and saw this Dyson, along with other similar looking Dysons. The sales advisor gave me a quick demo of it. He seemed to love it, but there again he is a sales advisor so I take that with a pinch of salt.
I went home and done a lot of comparison checks between the different models of Dysons. Due to the fact we have a couple of cats and the carpets always end up covered in their fur, we had to go for an animal.
I decided I liked the DC59, as it had the best battery life and power, and also it comes with a motorised head for the cat fur, as well as the normal attachments for corners, curtains and cushions etc. It also came with a smaller head which can be used in your car as well.
I showed D, my partner the hoover and took her to the electrical store to see it. She thought it was nice but was very hesitant about the price which at 349.99 ump, I cannot disagree with her on. It is expensive, but from my experience, Dysons are a brilliant machine, and also I had saved some cash up, so could afford it at the moment. We ended up getting it.
As soon as we got it home, D had it out of the box and was giving it a trial run before the battery ran out. I have never seen her so excited about a vacuum before. She was hoovering the house like a woman possessed, and was gutted that the initial charge ran out so she had to stop.
Dyson DC59.1
As we are decorating at the moment, there has been loads to test the DC59 on, and let me tell you, it has not failed once to pick something up. I cannot remember when our carpets looked and felt so good since they were put down years ago. It shows our previous vacuum was not doing a very good job.
Both d and myself, have found the the weigh distribution is really good on this. Its nicely balanced so you don’t end up with aching wrists.It goes from carpet to laminate no problem. It literally glides over the laminate, and as it goes really flat, we can get under our sofa as well.
Emptying is a doddle. Simply slide down the red slider on the main housing and the base opens up for you to tip everything in the bin.
The DC59 has been such a hit in our house that even our 13 year old daughter wants to hoover her room now, which has never been known before.
Although its an expensive item, to me it is well worth it.
Dyson say it sucks up as much dust as a corded vacuum. So far, we cannot disagree. We were shocked at what it pulled out of our carpets.
At about 26 minutes per charge, battery life is one thing that at first impressions you will think, thats not very long, but after the first two or three vacuums of your house, you will fly around really fast with this. There is a wall mounted charging cradle that you can hang the DC59 in to keep charged and also hold your accessories.

So much for a planned relaxing day

Today was meant to be one of those days where I could have a lie in bed as long as I liked then get up and do basically nothing but vegetate. Well thats what was planned anyway. I woke up this morning, well late on this morning with back pain. The same back pain that has hounded me for the last nearly 2 weeks. Even though my bed felt so cosy, and one of our cats was lying relaxed at my feet, I couldn’t lie there any longer. The slightest movement was too painful. I dragged myself up out of bed, went downstairs to make a lovely cup of coffee, only to notice the postman coming to our door. I went to the door to meet him and got handed a letter. It looked official so I sat down with my coffee and opened it. It was an invite for a medical assessment relating to benefits I had started to claim back in July. Because of my frame of mind back then, I didn’t fill the required forms in and just left it, which resulted in the benefits dept stopping my money after only two weeks. I thought no more of it after that, as for the time being I had enough to live on. Well, after getting this invite this morning, I rang the benefits dept to find out why I have been invited to this assessment. They told me that it was never closed off so their systems automatically spat out this invite. I told them about not having any money from them for so long and asked them to close it off, which they agreed to do.
Phone call over, and back to my coffee, which at this point was starting to get a bit cold then within five minutes the phone rang and it was a lovely lady from the benefits dept ringing about my reasons to close the application off. I explained to her my reasons. She explained that as it had never been closed off, if I was to get the required sick notes and forms to them they will look to backdate all the money I should of had between then and now. I took all the details that I needed then spent the next couple of hours making phone calls to different departments at my work, receiving forms via email from work and emailing them back.
As it stands now, I’m just waiting for more emails from work and stuff in the post from the benefits dept.
I have to admit, I was a bit taken aback by the phone call from the lady at the benefits dept. I’m not used to them being so proactive and wanting to help.
Fingers crossed it will go through smoothly and quickly.
I have now made myself a fresh coffee and plan to sit and relax now, even though its 4 hours since getting up.