So much for a planned relaxing day

Today was meant to be one of those days where I could have a lie in bed as long as I liked then get up and do basically nothing but vegetate. Well thats what was planned anyway. I woke up this morning, well late on this morning with back pain. The same back pain that has hounded me for the last nearly 2 weeks. Even though my bed felt so cosy, and one of our cats was lying relaxed at my feet, I couldn’t lie there any longer. The slightest movement was too painful. I dragged myself up out of bed, went downstairs to make a lovely cup of coffee, only to notice the postman coming to our door. I went to the door to meet him and got handed a letter. It looked official so I sat down with my coffee and opened it. It was an invite for a medical assessment relating to benefits I had started to claim back in July. Because of my frame of mind back then, I didn’t fill the required forms in and just left it, which resulted in the benefits dept stopping my money after only two weeks. I thought no more of it after that, as for the time being I had enough to live on. Well, after getting this invite this morning, I rang the benefits dept to find out why I have been invited to this assessment. They told me that it was never closed off so their systems automatically spat out this invite. I told them about not having any money from them for so long and asked them to close it off, which they agreed to do.
Phone call over, and back to my coffee, which at this point was starting to get a bit cold then within five minutes the phone rang and it was a lovely lady from the benefits dept ringing about my reasons to close the application off. I explained to her my reasons. She explained that as it had never been closed off, if I was to get the required sick notes and forms to them they will look to backdate all the money I should of had between then and now. I took all the details that I needed then spent the next couple of hours making phone calls to different departments at my work, receiving forms via email from work and emailing them back.
As it stands now, I’m just waiting for more emails from work and stuff in the post from the benefits dept.
I have to admit, I was a bit taken aback by the phone call from the lady at the benefits dept. I’m not used to them being so proactive and wanting to help.
Fingers crossed it will go through smoothly and quickly.
I have now made myself a fresh coffee and plan to sit and relax now, even though its 4 hours since getting up.

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