My bass guitars

These photos are from the last practice session with a couple of friends. I’m playing my 1979 Aria Pro 2 SB1000 bass. Its a dream to play, but it’s very heavy. Its a neck through body design which means its one big, heavy solid lump of wood. She is my pride and joy. I have wanted on of these bass guitars since the 1980’s. The first issue one’s like I have ( 1979 ) are difficult to get hold of these days.

This is the Aria Pro 2 SB1000 bass I am using in the photos. It has the ‘bat ear’ headstock, which I think looks nicer than later models of this bass.
1979 SB1000 Aria Pro 2


Practice session. On these photos I'm playing my 1979  Aria Pro SB1000.
Practice session. On these photos I’m playing my 1979 Aria Pro SB1000.

I have recently bought another second hand bass which is a lot lighter than the SB1000 ( which left me with major back pain after our rehearsal ). This ‘new’ one is a Yamaha RBX270J.

Its a nice Alder wood finish. I am currently giving it a damn good clean to get rid of all the grime from previous owners and the muck from the second hand shop. I am also restringing it. Looking forward to given it a try in the rehearsal room.

epiphone Jack Cassidy gold bass

This is my Epiphone Gold Jack Cassidy signature bass. It has a lovely sound but if you are used to a ‘normal’ bass body shape, this ‘old style’ shape has a weird feel at first. Also this model is well known to be very head heavy, which means if you leave go of it, the head takes a nose dive towards the floor. I have got myself a wide strap for it, which apparently will help, but I’ve not tried it yet.

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 01.08.41

And finally, my Squire Jazz 2009 standard. As soon as I saw this, I fell in love with the look of it. The colours are beautiful. It potentially has a pick up problem as there are a few ‘dead notes’on the neck, which is a known fault with these basses. Other than that, it has a beautiful tone to it.