This young guy and his parents are so brave.

I have just been catching up on Facebook when I came across some photos from Saturday nights Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. It shows Ant and Dec, Dean Gaffney, Joe Swash, Billy Fane and Paddy McGuiness wearing grey wristbands in support of young lad called Luke. After going to the website for this cause I was knocked for six. Being a parent, this story upset me. I cannot even start to get my head around how the family are coping with this and carrying on, but I suppose no matter how hard, when its your child, you do carry on no matter what. This little man, (and I call him a man because of how much he has been though and still keeps going, even though he’s only about 4 years old), is so brave. At the age of 7 months, Luke was diagnosed with a visual pathway glioma (a brain tumour on his optic nerve). I won’t go into what he ( and his parents ) have had to go through as there is so much but please go to Luke’s Life Long Labour. Theres also a Facebook page at
I have to admit, being a parent, I feel a bit stunned by this story. I couldn’t imagine going though this. This is a real life nightmare.

Thanks a bunch GoDaddy

Well well well what a nice surprise that was today. When I cranked up my Mac I found out that my blog emails were not working. Thanks to my good friend Marc ( ) we he found out that for some unknown reason Go Daddy have deleted the mail forwarding to the account, so no emails at all was coming through. Thanks to Marc, its all fixed now but no thanks to GoDaddy for doing it in the first place without reason.

Sad news.

These last couple of weeks have been awful. D’s grandma has been seriously ill for several weeks now and since coming home ( which she wanted, even though we all knew there wasn’t long left ) she has got progressively worse. D had been called to the house a few times at short notice as things had changed. We were told weeks ago by the doctor that she only had days to go. Being the fighter she is, she kept battling on and all the family were on tenterhooks all the time. At the same time the whole family were absolutely shattered. Some of them spending a lot of hours at the house. There was always someone from the family there during the day and through the night, the carers were there. Then at 01.50 on Tuesday morning we got a phone call for D to get there asap. A few long stressful hours later she got in touch to tell me she had passed away. She will be sadly missed by everyone as she was a big part of the family and always loved having the family around for tea and cakes and a good old natter. Sad though it is, its also in a way a sort of relief for everyone as we all know she is no longer suffering or in pain, and that everyone can now try to relax a little and catch up on some much needed sleep, and sort all the other stuff like funeral etc out during the day.

Cassandra by Lottie Winter book review


This is the first book I have ever reviewed and to be honest, not the sort of book I would normally read so I hope I can do the book justice.

Lottie Winter is a new author who has always loved to write, and since a very young age she has put pen to paper the thoughts, hopes and dreams trapped in her head. She has always wanted to try and write erotic novels then decided the time was now right.

Initially, whilst reading Cassandra I found it slightly distracting that each chapter flicks from one character to another then back again, but as the story went on, I got into the flow of it. I have never read a book before that is done from two different peoples point of view.

Cassandra is a Carnal Set Novel – a series which follows the erotic pleasures, perversions, romance, delights and delectations of The Carnal Set, a group of extremely select men and women in Victorian England. for whom the pleasures of the flesh are not just fantasised about, but are taken full advantage of.

The story starts on about Cassandra, who, after her parent passed away, became the Governess at the Penbroath Estate to look after the children of Thorpe Penbroath, the owner of the estate.
It is whilst employed at Governess that Cassandra is introduced into the world that is nothing like she has ever seen or experienced in her life.

Despite the fact I would not normally read a book of this kind, I found myself being more and more drawn to the two main characters as the book went on. In my opinion at times, in fact, most of the book, Thorpe was portrayed as an arrogant, selfish, egotistical chauvinist who at times has a dark nature, whilst Cassandra, a shy, innocent, honest girl, but despite their differences, they are drawn to each other like moths to a flame after Cassandra is invited to dinner.
The descriptions of the characters, the building and rooms, and the scenarios are really good and it meant I could easily imagine being there and being that engrossed in the story that I lost track of time on more than one occasion.

To me, the ending was a bit predictable but at the same time I’m not sure how I would of ended the story myself. It seemed to just tail off very quickly but mainly, throughout the story, it seems to flow quite well.

If you are into erotic type books and like a nice easy read but you are not offended or put off by graphic sexual content, then this book is worth a try.

WordPress, you are doing my head in!

Sorry, this may come across as a bit of a rant. Well, I suppose it is. Today I have had loads of problems with WordPress. If I had hair I would of pulled it out by now. I was certainly cursing at my computer. I can, well hopefully, do a normal blog post, AS LONG as it does not need and images uploading into the media section. If I go to create a post then select add media, all I get is a dirty big message saying ‘page crashed’, and if I go straight to media to upload without trying to create a post, it takes ages to upload the has on ‘crunching’ which I assume is WordPress speak for processing. What has made this annoying most of all is that I have tweeted wordpress about 5 times so far, and also left a post on the support forum, and have not had one solitary reply to any of them. Theres no email address for support or customer services or facebook page for There is .com but not org. I get that websites have problems now and then but at least most are sorted quickly or you get a response from them when you report it. Thats the thing annoying me most, the no response thing. I get the feeling noone is working at WordPress today. They must of all been given a days holiday or something.

What a fiasco


What a disaster tonight was. D was late coming home from work as she popped into her Nana’s to see how she was doing. Her Nana is very ill and all the professionals say she does not have long to go. Anyway, I made Chilli Con Carni in the Tefal Actifry earlier. I made some rice and gave G her tea but decided to wait for D to get home so I could eat with her. Well D got in about 2 hours later. I made some fresh rice and heated the Chilli up for 10 mins only to find out it was pretty much ruined and dry. I was gutted. It looked lovely when G had hers. D looked so disappointed but we tried to eat it anyway with the fresh rice. Both of us only managed half the meal then threw the rest in the bin. After that disaster, we decided to have toasted teacakes with a cup of tea. Even this went wrong. For whatever reason, the toaster kept tripping the main fuse box.I wouldn’t mind but we have only had it a few months. As a result we ended up having cold teacakes with our cuppa. Not a good night.

Whats your thoughts. Your childs internet usage at home.

I’m curious about everone elses views on this subject. Its the dreaded subject of your kids and their mobile phones and ipads or tablets and computers.




In our household, we have a rule where on a school night, G has to be off her phone and iPad by 8pm which gives her an hour to unwind etc before bed time. One thing I have noticed is that she conveniently forgets, even if I remind her at 7.30. Theres always huffing and puffing and moaning when after 8pm we tell her to shut them down and bring them downstairs. We like them down stairs so that she isn’t tempted to keep checking her Facebook when she is meant to be going to bed or even after that when she is meant to be asleep. I always feel like there is gonna be an argument when I ask her to log off. I have even threatened to take the time she is over off the next night. For example, if she is 20 mins over, she will need to be off at 7.40 the next night. That just ended up in a lot of ‘no Dad, thats not fair’ type of arguments. Im the strict one in the house, sometimes admittedly maybes a bit too strict, but she seems to think the world will stop turning if she doesn’t check her status every 2 minutes, and I want to know that she is getting sleep for school the next day and not sitting on the internet. Also, even when she does decide to brng the phone and iPad downstairs ( begrudgingly ), she take 5 minutes checking for one last time if someone has posted a selfie or a status and also she feels she has to put something on there about her logging off now. AND

DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THIS THING WHERE THE SCHOOL SAY THEY CAN USE THE INTERNET FOR HOMEWORK!!!! The school might as well give them the answers in my opinion. You cannot tell me the temptation need for a child to go on Facebook etc or Skype or any social site is not there when they are meant to be doing homework.

What is everyones thoughts on:

1/ using the internet for homework,

2/ What time you allow your child to stay on the internet at night,

3/ how do impose the rules for when they can and cannot go on the internet?

Please share this around, as I would love to hear as many thoughts and opinions on this as I feel sometimes I am banging my head against a brick wall.