My day ( and night )

I had to endure an appointment with the Mental Health advisor today at the doctors. It was just a catch up to see how I’m doing. ( And maybes a hidden ‘just making sure you have not topped yourself’ reason ). It seemed to go ok, although anyone who suffers from depression will know how hard it can be to describe how you feel. So in my mind it felt a bit like a waste of mine and the advisors time.
A lazy night was had tonight. D had been on her daily visit to see her gran in hospital. I made her tea ( only pizza and chips ), then we settled down to watch Who Do You Think You Are USA and CSI on tv after shuffling G off to bed. Nice hot toasted tea cakes were the order of the night at 10pm. As normal, not long after 10.30pm, D was snoring her head off next to me on the sofa. In her defence, she was shattered from work, never mind going to hospital as well afterwards. After she went to bed at 11pm I dragged my bass guitar out ( unplugged ) and had a bit of a practice with it. Its been a few weeks since I used it. Just trying to loosen the fingers up.
I think I lasted about an hour after I went to bed before I got up again due to G snoring like some wild animal. I’ll end up going to bed at 6am when she gets up and trying to grab a few hours. Its no wonder I feel like a zombie. A mixture of anti depressants and lack of sleep is not good for ones self.

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