Podcasting!! Not as easy as it seems.

I really want to try something new. Podcasting. After listening to LoveAllDads and hearing their podcasts, I have thought to myself, I can do that. I’ve done personal YouTube vlogs before. I’ve even interviewed people on YouTube, so why can I not do this, I thought to myself. One thing I have found is its a lot harder to set up podcasting to connect to iTunes (still not sorted it) than it is to record a video and post it on YouTube. Darren from Love All Dads has been helping me via email. The poor lad must be sick of my very existence by now but I do appreciate his help. Fill this in, download this plug in, activate this, register that. Not good when I’m running on a lack of sleep and my brain isn’t running at it’s normal speed.


The other problem I’m finding is having something to talk about. It’s not too bad for the likes of Love All Dads, as once they have a subject in mind, they can just chat amongst themselves like guys chatting down the pub, as long as they have an idea of the subject. They can all put in their opinion on the given subject. When you’re doing it by yourself its a lot, lot harder. I suppose this is where preparation comes into it and making bullet points etc. My friend Livi from Mrs Teepot gave me an idea to check the latest news and speak about that. It’s definitely an option to consider. Thanks Livi. Any other ideas from anyone would be gratefully received. Either how to find subjects, or to even suggest a subject. Once I get everythng up and running, I would love to do a podcast chat with another blogger. Would be interesting.

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