Teenage kids. Give me strength!

Anyone who has a teenage son or daughter will know whats its like to constantly be having to bite your tongue, when the slightest thing you d or say or ask them to do seems to seems to have the ability to flick some switch to change said child into some devil incarnate. Granted in my case I do occasionally ( so its been pointed out ) speak to her in a certain tone that comes across as if I’m having a go at her, but normally, I just need to say one thing and thats it. Light the fuse, stand well back and watch the fireworks. Tonight I just had to ask about a certain subject and what I got was a barrage of ‘DAD WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GO ON AND ON AND ON AND ON ABOUT THINGS!!! this was the first time I had even mentioned this subject, which in my defence, is a serious subject. ( internet security and having people on your friends list on BBM who they do not know ). The teenager years obviously do not come complete with an instruction manual teaching them how to discuss things without shouting. Part of the problem with me and my daughter is personality wish we are very similar. Neither of us will back down if we think we are right and we are both a bit stubborn. Heaven help if I dare ask her to help with the washing up. DAD I DID THE WASHING UP NEARLY 3 WEEKS AGO, IM NOT DOING IT AGAIN. Sorry love but you are quite happy to eat the food and dirty the dishes, so you can muck in and help out. We did have a system for a few weeks where if someone makes the tea, the other two do the dishes and drying. That fell by the wayside after not too long. I think we may have to do that again. She even tries to twist that. For example, if I’m making spag bol, she will saunter into the kitchen, pick up the spoon, stir the spag bol I am cooking in the pan then later try to say she doesnt have to do the dishes because she helped make the tea. The cheek of it lol.

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