What a fiasco


What a disaster tonight was. D was late coming home from work as she popped into her Nana’s to see how she was doing. Her Nana is very ill and all the professionals say she does not have long to go. Anyway, I made Chilli Con Carni in the Tefal Actifry earlier. I made some rice and gave G her tea but decided to wait for D to get home so I could eat with her. Well D got in about 2 hours later. I made some fresh rice and heated the Chilli up for 10 mins only to find out it was pretty much ruined and dry. I was gutted. It looked lovely when G had hers. D looked so disappointed but we tried to eat it anyway with the fresh rice. Both of us only managed half the meal then threw the rest in the bin. After that disaster, we decided to have toasted teacakes with a cup of tea. Even this went wrong. For whatever reason, the toaster kept tripping the main fuse box.I wouldn’t mind but we have only had it a few months. As a result we ended up having cold teacakes with our cuppa. Not a good night.

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