This young guy and his parents are so brave.

I have just been catching up on Facebook when I came across some photos from Saturday nights Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. It shows Ant and Dec, Dean Gaffney, Joe Swash, Billy Fane and Paddy McGuiness wearing grey wristbands in support of young lad called Luke. After going to the website for this cause I was knocked for six. Being a parent, this story upset me. I cannot even start to get my head around how the family are coping with this and carrying on, but I suppose no matter how hard, when its your child, you do carry on no matter what. This little man, (and I call him a man because of how much he has been though and still keeps going, even though he’s only about 4 years old), is so brave. At the age of 7 months, Luke was diagnosed with a visual pathway glioma (a brain tumour on his optic nerve). I won’t go into what he ( and his parents ) have had to go through as there is so much but please go to Luke’s Life Long Labour. Theres also a Facebook page at
I have to admit, being a parent, I feel a bit stunned by this story. I couldn’t imagine going though this. This is a real life nightmare.

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