Congrats to me. The Wright Times is one year old. Happy blogiversary.


On checking my posts I realised that on 7th of April this year, The Wright Times was one year old. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? I may think about doing a recap of the last year, although parts of it may be emotionally hard. I will see how I feel. Thanks to everyone who has commented, and given support over the last year, on the blog, Twitter and on Facebook. I really do appreciate it.

An amazing weekend

This is the one weekend in the year I have started looking forward to. In fact its throne weekend in the year both me and Dee have started looking forward to. A weekend when we get to go away together without G and let our hair down and be as mad as we want. Its our yearly trip to York, UK, for the YouTube gathering. Unlike Australia and the USA where there are loads of gatherings, in the UK there are very few gatherings and as far as I know ( I may be wrong ) but this is the only one that is a regular event now. I’ve not done regular videos for nearly 2 years now but still love going to see my friends. This year there wasn’t as many people as previous years but still, there was a just a nice amount. I think there was 12 people this year which is not brilliant but some people had to pull out for personal reasons. Hopefully it will get bigger and better over the years. Its still pretty new. Only in its third year. Anyway, I digress. D and myself went to York and had an amazing time. Meeting our friends who we have not spoken to or seen since this time last year. We got the taxi to the hotel and ditched our bags and headed straight to a well known local pub Ye Olde Starr Inn on Stonegate ) where we were meeting some of the other people. The Guinness went down far too easily that night. I was definitely starting to feel the effects. What a night.

We all met up on the Saturday then headed for the same pub we always go. The Black Swan. We always pre book the big room upstairs in the pub. The service, food and drink are great there. We always have a silly thing where we have a lucky dip where people buy a gift from the pound shop and wrap it up. There have been some weird and wonderful things in that. Spoon, tampons, games, lighters, sink plugs etc. All a bit of cheap fun. This year we also added a theme, which was silly hats and the winner of the best hat got the last lucky dip prize. Mine was a bird. Just a hat I bought off fleabay. D’s was a chicken of sorts. The hat that people voted the best was my friend Steve’s. He has such an imagination. He’s like a mad scientist. His hat consisted of a hard hat, with two clocks on the front, Above that was a cctv camera globe, on the top was a teacup and saucer. At the back was a small pair of binoculars and on the sides were two extending bathroom mirrors. It was all topped off by curtain tassels hanging off the sides.


One the Saturday night we had no sooner left the hotel to meet up at the pub for the MAIN DRINKING SESSION when the heavens opened. It was like a mini flash flood. Every doorway was occupied by people trying to take cover. Shop owners were pushing us out of their shops because we were not buying, door staff moving us away from doors because for a few moments we were blocking a fire exit. We were literally soaked through to the skin. This meant we would be spending the night in damp clothes. We needn’t of worried though, the alcohol made us forget all about it. Being the extrovert people they are, and being used to being on camera from YouTube, there were loads of photos and videos taken. Some of which should never see the light of day if truth be told. We just let loose and have mad night and laugh until our jaws ache. Steve got told off by the doorman for dancing around with one of the other guys on this back. That was in the middle of the house band singing Tequila. The video is a bit dark.

sorry YouTube loaded it sideways.Just tilt you head lol

Anyway, we are now back to reality and back home. Life continues as normal. Can’t wait till next years gathering.

Magic Moments 27/4/14

A friend of mine, Rick ( Old Salty 65 )who I met via my old YouTube channel kindly sent me these gifts. He is an old sea dog from the Royal Australian Navy. These gifts were a real surprise to receive. He sent me a lovely baseball cap with the Royal Australian Navy badge on it, some Anzac Day and military commemorative badges and a lovely pen. As luck would have it, these actually arrived the day before Anzac Day, so just in time. Even though I’m not Australian on from New Zealand, I wore the cap all day for them.

I am very thankful and grateful for these gifts. Its very very kind of him to think of me and send these.

Anzac Day magic moments collage

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This is an old wooden money box that has been in my family since before I was born. It has a little hidden hatch that swivels to get the money out. Wouldn’t be able to stick some of todays coins in as they are too thick now.