Nutribullet review

This is not a sponsored post. I am doing this review as I like the product.


A week ago after watching a shopping channel show about the Nutribullet and seeing all the healthy drinks you can make with it, I spoke to Dee about it. As we have recently started our diet ( as a family ), we decided to invest in one from our local electrical store.
A Nutribullet, is ( according to the manufacturer, not a blender or a juicer, it literally emulsifies everything you put into it. No pulp either, unlike a juicer. Check out this ( cheesy American ) infomercial ( Nutribullet ). We have messed about with all sorts of combinations of drinks and so far have not found one I couldn’t drink, even when it contains Kale, spinach and nuts etc. So far we haven’t got Gee, our daughter into drinking drinks containing greens yet. She just seems to enjoy making smoothies with it. Shes throwing all sorts of fresh fruit in, experimenting with flavours. In a way, that’s good but she will have to start having greens soon as we want her to get her vitamins etc that greens contain. You know what kids are like these days, they hate vegetables. At least if they have them in a drink, maybes with a bit of fruit added, it wont be so bad. To be honest, after the Nutribullet has emulsified the vegetables they dont taste as strong as they would if you at them straight from the stalk. One thing it is learning us is the good things we can eat. I’ve found about things that are good for us that I have never heard of before. Things like Goji berries and Flax seeds.
Admittedly, these drinks cannot be rushed. They are quite thick, so take your time with them, but they do fill you. Well, I feel satisfied after having one anyway. It stops me wanting to crave things.
Dee has even made a drink in the morning and taking it to work to have there, and left me one in the fridge, which is a nice surprise.
I am really enjoying learning about healthy foods and also learning new recipes for drinks. My fridge has never, ever been so full of fruit and veg and containers etc.
The Nutribullet comes complete with 2 different blades. One for emulsifying your drinks and another for milling harder food to a powder.
So far, I am more than happy with the Nutribullet and for anyone one a diet and wanting to eat healthily I would recommend it.
It is quite loud. Well loudish anyway. Maybes not a good idea to use it at midnight when the kids are asleep upstairs. I woke my daughter up while making a drink. Dispite it having a powerful 600 watt motor and being a bit loud, it does not jump all over your worktop when being used. I find it very stable.
The Nutribullet takes up very little space on your worktop as the footprint is only 5 inches across.

2 things to note. Apparently if you run it for more than a minute, it has a mechanism to shut itself off to protect the motor. You only really need to blast the drinks for about 30 seconds anyway. Also when placing the cup on the Nutribullet, there are 3 tabs on the cup, they will only activate the Nutribullet in one position. If it does not power up, lift cup off and rotate the cup. I’m not sure why it does that, but there you go, 2 handy hints.

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One year, not smoking

Today, in some ways has taken ages to reach, especially over the last couple of months. In other ways its arrived really quickly. You see, today is the one year anniversary for me not smoking. Well not smoking real cigarettes anyway. For the last year I have smoked e-cigarettes. I had persuaded Dee to start with me at the same time ( back in Jan 2013 ) but due to deaths in my family I didn’t feel the time was right for me to make the change to ecigs, but Dee did and has successfully been stopped for 16 months now. A massive well done to her. When the time was right, I started off on the ones that look like cigarettes and you change the capsule ever day or two. To be honest I found them expensive and did not give my the nicotine ‘hit’ that I needed.
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After a while I decided to try the basic liquid e-cigarettes. This is where I really felt the difference. The liquids give much more of a ‘hit’ and leave you feeling more satisfied. I even persuaded Dee to move over to liquid ecigs as well. We have both been on the liquid ones ever since. I have changed the type of cigarette a few times and am now on a fancy one that I can change the settings one, and can even link it to my computer to record my usage. That’s by the by. The point is thanks to the move to ecigs, I have not had a real cigarette for a year now, and apart from the health benefits, it has save us a small fortune. I know there’s always stuff in the papers, and has been recently, about how dangerous ecigs are and that they are not as healthy as we were made to believe, but as far as I see it, in my personal opinion, there are god knows how many poisons and chemicals in cigarettes anyway so if its true what they say about whats in ecigs, there’s still a lot less in them than a normal cigarettes. Sometimes I think its the government scaremongering as they are starting to realize how much money they are losing on cigarette sales.
As far as I am concerned, ecigs have kept me off real cigarettes for a year now, with very very little cravings. That can only be a good thing.