Peace in a church yard. Magic Moments 30th June 2014

After leaving an appointment last week, I could not resist the temptation to go and sit in the grounds of the church next door. I know I was a bit wound up after the appointment but something drew me to sit here. I’m glad I did, it was a really calm, peaceful place ( apart from the odd car on a nearby road ). I just sat there watching the pigeons on the spire and listened to all the other birds and the rustling of the trees and bushes as the breeze blew threw them. I spend a good 20 minutes just sitting there relaxing and felt more compased for it. This is one of one reasons I like church yards. They are a wonderful place to be alone and gather your thoughts.


Magic Moments 16th June 2014

We have just had a weekend away camping at the Haven site at Lakeland, Cumbria. It was Gee’s first ever time camping. We were a bit apprehensive about how she would take to it, but she seemed to enjoy it, apart from having to sleep on an airbed and not having internet coverage unless you went to the bar / cafe.

Having a BBQ

We went to Lakeland to meet up with Marc ( from ) and his parents. It was the first time Gee had met them all and the first time Dee and myself had met his parents, but as we speak to them quite often on Skype anyway, it felt like we already knew them.
We hit lucky and had lovely weather. One day day was very sunny and the next was cloudy but both were very warm.
All in all it was a lovely weekend with fantastic company.

My day in town.

To pass the time, I thought I would blog on the go today, and update the blog as the day went by.

After spending the last week or two sweltering whilst driving my car, I have decided to bit the bullet and fork out the money required to get the air conditioning in the car fixed. I’ve been putting it off for the last year or so due to the cost. It needs a whole new air conditioning unit to be fitted. This means spending about three and a half hours hobbling around town with my walking stick as my back is giving me loads of grief. Not fun. I’d rather be at home relaxing on the settee.
All this excitement  discomfort calls for a coffee at Starbucks where I can spend the time sitting rather than walking and partake in one of my favourite pastimes, people watching.
Well it’s now been two hours. I went to J. G windows in Newcastle’s Central Arcade and bought the Auf Wiedersehen Pet 30th Anniversary reunion dvd. Can’t wait to watch it.
I have just paid a visit to the Apple store to get a replacement charge cable for Gee’s ipad. I really wish she would learn not to bend them or just yank them out. I’m gonna make sure she pays for this one.
While wandering around town I saw two Space Invader tile motifs on walls. Here is one.


I read up a bit on them when I got home and apparently the person who puts these up is known as ‘Invader’ surprisingly enough. He is an ‘artist’. Some view him as a vandal and he does not get permission to put these motifs up on buildings.
Read about him here, or google space invader street art.
Personally, I like these. Because I used to play space invaders when I was younger, these motifs bring a smile to my face.

I have now received my car back and its lovely and cold inside now. Like a fridge. So nice when outside its 22 degrees. Ahhhhh blissssss

Magic Moments: Molly’s good news. 9th June 2014

Our cat, Molly, who was knocked over nearly 2 weeks ago has been given the all clear by the vets and is now allowed to go outdoors. The poor thing has been crying to go out and sitting at the windows loads. So far shes not ventured out of the garden or even climbed onto the fence as I think she’s still a bit unsure after her ordeal.


Random pop fact of the day

Just for a bit of fun, I thought I would share this random pop fact with you

( photo copied from )

Interesting fact for the day: Steve Norman ( Spandau Ballet sax player ) started off as a drummer, then when he couldn’t afford a full kit, he went to guitar but there was not enough space in Spandau for another guitarist so moved to sax and taught himself. When he played the solo on ‘True’ he had only been playing a year. Hell of a solo for someone only playing a year.

C is for camping chair. Alphabet Project

While looking for new camping equipment, I saw these fold up portable chairs on special offer. I thought they would be a lot lighter than carrying a full size chair around. As I had our daughter Gee with me, who else would be better suited to testing one in the middle of the shop. ( saves me from making a fool of myself I thought, the proceeded to test it myself but nearly didn’t manage to get back up )



 photo 4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9.jpg