Magic Moments 28th July 2014

While out on a drive in an area I didn’t really know that well I came across a stone bridge which led to the private Lampdon Estate in County Durham. I parked up and this was the view from the bridge. I thought it was lovely.



Great outdoor idea for the whole family.

Here’s a great thing to try, which all the family can partake in over the holidays, ( or 365 days a year if your mad enough ). Its a worldwide game called Geocaching. For those of you that do not have the foggiest what Geocaching is I will explain. Geocaching is basically a game of hide and seek. A person hides a thing called cache. A cache can be anything from a tiny magnetic container about the size of your little fingernail containing just a logbook to record that you have found the cache, then tuppaware boxes and big containers that contain a logbook and also little trinkets. There also little coins and disks called trackables or travel bugs that are sometimes in the caches, which you move to another cache so that it travels all over the world, hopefully reaching the place the bug or trackable owner wants it to get to. If you take a trinket out you should leave one in its place.
Caches are located by coordinates. You get to the coordinates using either a GPS device or your mobile phone with the geocaching app installed.


Geocaching is really addictive and great for excercise and getting fresh air and the kids will love it as it gets you off the beaten track looking for hidden treasure, and acting all James Bond like.
Beware though, not all caches are easy to find. Some are just downright evil. Some can be right in front of you and you just can not find it which really does drive you round the proverbial bend.

Check our the following link for loads of info on the official Geocaching website and also search Google and YouTube for Geocaching. Theres loads there.

Geocaching rules and info

Sick of rubbish service

At the time of typing this I am so pee’d off. In fact this is a big understatement. This is why. A few weeks ago I ordered a new halogen cooker from Ideal World TV. I was really looking forward to getting it and trying it out. We already have one but its start to look a bit past its best so decided on the new one. As per with Ideal World, it took about 5 days top arrive. When it did, we were keen to get it up and running, then Dee spotted a dent in the expansion ring. Although it wouldn’t of affected the performance of the cooker, she was not happy as she wanted a one in pristine condition, not damaged. Fair enough. I rang Ideal World and arranged collection of the item. I was a few days till it was collected, then what seems like another week after that before it processed as received by Ideal World. Then another wait for them to process a replacement and get it to me. So far, to date its been 2 and a half weeks from the initial order to typing this and I still have not got my replacement.
Today to top it off, I wait in for the courier, as per the emails from Ideal World and the couriers Hermes. It was confirmed on the van. I sat in all day and even had to rearrange other stuff to be in only to find at 14.46 they reschedule without notice or explanation for tomorrow. I rang Ideal World and even though the IVR verified me, the adviser decided he still wanted to do further security checks. Eventually after a twenty something minute call I was told that after he checked with the courier that Hermes didn’t even put it on the van, even though their website clearly shows on the van.
Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 17.15.17

Tomorrow I have stuff to do which I was meant to do today and also run Gee to and from town for a school visit to some museums. I have to do this stuff as well as stay in for the courier. Frickin brilliant, also approaching the weekend.

Magic Moments. Loving Selfies

On a recent trip to Seahouses, I took the opportunity to grab these 2 selfies of Dee and myself. It was a wonderful day out, just me and her and a chance to chill out. I’ll post other pics in a normal post about out journey up the coastal route in Northumberland.



Miss you Dad. 1 year anniversary of his death

Dad at The Crescent Club

Today is the first anniversary of the passing of my Dad. I still cannot believe he has gone. He had such a nice caring nature about him and never had a bad word to say about anyone. He had so many stories to tell about his life, and jobs working in the Merchant Navy and on the railways fixing the tracks. I also learned he was a good cook. I always thought it was my Mam that was the cook in the house, but it turns out my Dad knew quite a bit as well. Like many older couples, it was the woman of the house that did the main cooking in the household, which is why I never saw my Dad doing it.
After my Mother passed away in January 2013, I spent every day with him, helping him try to get his life back together. He did amazingly well up until he got too ill and had to be admitted to hospital, and then went downhill quickly when his cancer really took hold. From that point, all he wanted was to be with his wife again. At the end, he passed away, with me holding his hand and telling him that I loved him. His wish had finally come true and he is now up there in heaven and reunited with my Mam, and my Brother, James. I still have my Dad’s ashes, which I promised to scatter on my Mam’s grave. I will do it, when I can bring myself to do and when it feels like the right time.
Today though, is a day to remember my Dad, and the wonderful person he was.