Miss you Dad. 1 year anniversary of his death

Dad at The Crescent Club

Today is the first anniversary of the passing of my Dad. I still cannot believe he has gone. He had such a nice caring nature about him and never had a bad word to say about anyone. He had so many stories to tell about his life, and jobs working in the Merchant Navy and on the railways fixing the tracks. I also learned he was a good cook. I always thought it was my Mam that was the cook in the house, but it turns out my Dad knew quite a bit as well. Like many older couples, it was the woman of the house that did the main cooking in the household, which is why I never saw my Dad doing it.
After my Mother passed away in January 2013, I spent every day with him, helping him try to get his life back together. He did amazingly well up until he got too ill and had to be admitted to hospital, and then went downhill quickly when his cancer really took hold. From that point, all he wanted was to be with his wife again. At the end, he passed away, with me holding his hand and telling him that I loved him. His wish had finally come true and he is now up there in heaven and reunited with my Mam, and my Brother, James. I still have my Dad’s ashes, which I promised to scatter on my Mam’s grave. I will do it, when I can bring myself to do and when it feels like the right time.
Today though, is a day to remember my Dad, and the wonderful person he was.

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