Sick of rubbish service

At the time of typing this I am so pee’d off. In fact this is a big understatement. This is why. A few weeks ago I ordered a new halogen cooker from Ideal World TV. I was really looking forward to getting it and trying it out. We already have one but its start to look a bit past its best so decided on the new one. As per with Ideal World, it took about 5 days top arrive. When it did, we were keen to get it up and running, then Dee spotted a dent in the expansion ring. Although it wouldn’t of affected the performance of the cooker, she was not happy as she wanted a one in pristine condition, not damaged. Fair enough. I rang Ideal World and arranged collection of the item. I was a few days till it was collected, then what seems like another week after that before it processed as received by Ideal World. Then another wait for them to process a replacement and get it to me. So far, to date its been 2 and a half weeks from the initial order to typing this and I still have not got my replacement.
Today to top it off, I wait in for the courier, as per the emails from Ideal World and the couriers Hermes. It was confirmed on the van. I sat in all day and even had to rearrange other stuff to be in only to find at 14.46 they reschedule without notice or explanation for tomorrow. I rang Ideal World and even though the IVR verified me, the adviser decided he still wanted to do further security checks. Eventually after a twenty something minute call I was told that after he checked with the courier that Hermes didn’t even put it on the van, even though their website clearly shows on the van.
Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 17.15.17

Tomorrow I have stuff to do which I was meant to do today and also run Gee to and from town for a school visit to some museums. I have to do this stuff as well as stay in for the courier. Frickin brilliant, also approaching the weekend.

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