Ozeri Cardio Tech Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with arm cuff

Back in Feb 2014 I reviewed The Ozeri Blood Pressure monitor. To me that blood pressure monitor rocked. I thought it was great. So much so one of my closest friends who suffers from a lot of health issues actually bought one and uses it on a regular basis to monitor his levels etc.
This time I have kindly been asked to review the Ozeri CardioTech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with arm cuff.
As the title describes, this version monitor comes complete with an arm cuff, just like they do at your local G.P’s or hospital. It uses the oscillometric method of blood pressure measurement and can store 1197 measurements of data ( 399 x 3 users ) along with the date and time of those measurements, all of which can be accessed through the MEMO button.
As with the previous monitor I reviewed, Ozeri again, have included very clear, easy to read and understand instructions. The screen itself is easy to understand. It shows your Systolic and your Diastolic Blood Pressure levels and pulse rate in large clear digits on the LCD screen as well as battery level, and date and time. Also the screen changes colour depending in whether or not your results show you are suffering from hypertension or not.
I tested this initially on myself to see how easy it was to fit. Answer is its very easy. Just rip open the strong velcro fastening and slip in onto your upper arm about half an inch above your inner elbow and strap it closed again with the air pipe running down the middle of the inside of your arm. Make sure its secure enough so it won’t move but loose enough you can get two fingers up behind it. You then simply select POWER then selct which user you are ( this device can store data for 3 users ) then press start. The cuff will the inflate to 170 which feels like someone is squeezing your arm really tight. After a few moments, once its reached 170 it will then give you your reading and deflate.
One thing I would suggest is get some decent batteries for it. The ones that came with it, lasted for one session while I was testing it. A few days later the batteries were dead.
To Ozeri, I would suggest adding a mains connection, just in case you want to use it but do not have batteries available.
This blood pressure monitor can be found on Amazon Uk here
At the time of this being posted the monitor is on special offer at a respectable 34.99 ukp. Previously 99.99 ukp. Well worth grabbing one at this price.

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