Poorly child sent home from school

Just had a mad rush to school to pick Gee up. I received a phone call from her teacher saying she wasn’t feeling well and asked me to come and pick her up. This is very unlike Gee. She is not the type of kid to leave school. She normally battles through anything to stay there. Like all kids, theres things about school she doesn’t like but leaving school is not an option normally for her. She would rather complete the day. So as it is, if she has to come home, or says in the morning she doesn’t feel well and does not want to go to school, we know something isn’t right.
Hopefully it’s just some bug thats doing the rounds at the moment. She’s got pains in various places and a headache and feeling dizzy.

Well we are back. The doc isn’t sure what it is. She’s sent off a urine test and arranged an ultrasound incase it’s appendicitis or gall stones but she doesn’t think it either of these. She’s expecting it all to come back clear. I just hope Gee starts to feel better soon.

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