Yet more media scare mongering about e-cigs

The media make me sick, how they love to scare monger for a dramatic story. I think people would respect them more if they told the truth and/or gave the full story and facts.
This recent story about VIP e-cigarette liquids containing diacetyl. Granted the substance is not allowed, but what the BBC ( Inside Out TV programme ) and other media outlets failed to mention was that the levels found in the liquid are of little risk. This post is not about VIP but about how the media scare monger to get readers and sell newspapers etc.


This is taken from yesterdays Metro paper website:
An e-cigarette liquid on sale in Newcastle ( actually it was Gateshead Metrocentre. Get it right if you’re going to report something ) has been found to contain a potentially toxic chemical with links to lung disease.

The butterscotch-flavoured refill, manufactured by the VIP brand, contained diacetyl –a flavouring often found in margarine. But even though it’s safe to eat, doctors have warned that it isn’t safe to inhale.

This chemical has even been associated with a condition called ‘popcorn worker’s lung’. Diacetyl was ingested in large quantities by those working in popcorn factories, as it is one of the main ingredients. But some long-term workers were left so unwell that they required a lung transplant.

The investigation into the safety of e-cigarette liquids was performed by the BBC. Researchers bought four products and sent them to a laboratory to be analysed.

VIP’s refill, which was bought at the Metrocentre in Newcastle, was the only e-cigarette liquid deemed to be unsafe.

On the mirror website, this is their headline: Potentially ‘toxic’ butterscotch flavoured e-cigarette found to contain chemical linked with lung cancer.
NOTE: they emphasise the word ‘Toxic’ just top put the shitters a bit more up people and also drop in the word cancer as that always gets people attention.
From everything I have read, the substance cannot give you cancer. It can potentially cause a rare but serious disease called “popcorn workers lung,” also known by the medical name bronchiolitis obliterans. The condition is caused by inhalation of diacetyl fumes, which cause scarring in the lungs. Sufferers of popcorn lung have difficulty exhaling, and when severe, the condition can be fatal. In many cases of severe bronchiolitis obliterans, only a lung transplant will save a patient’s life. Typical scummy reporting.
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This is from the post on the ECITA website:
Diacetyl has been identified as a substance which we do not want to see in ecigs because it has a known inhalation risk. However, the actual risk is likely to be very low, and certainly pales into insignificance compared to the known very serious risks of continuing to smoke tobacco.

At no point was anyone at significant risk of harm from the diacetyl in VIP’s Butterscotch eliquid, since even the considerably higher levels of diacetyl found in tobacco smoke do not appear to cause bronchitis obliterans. (It appears that it requires high levels of exposure to diacetyl over a sustained period to develop bronchitis obliterans. Indeed, there has only been one documented case of bronchitis obliterans outside of occupational exposure, which was the case of a man who ate microwave popcorn twice daily for 10 years.)

It is important to remember that the routine testing of VIP’s product identified diacetyl at a very low level – a level which is not a cause of significant concern in terms of harm to users of the product. Furthermore, diacetyl is found in cigarette smoke at significant levels – 300–430 µg per cigarette – yet bronchiolitis obliterans (popcorn lung) is not associated with smoking (although plenty of other respiratory conditions are).

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I repeat, this is typical media scare mongering for a story.

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