Vrb Bluetooth Headphones. I cannot wait to try these

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Being a person who loves his music, I spotted this page and straight away I was interested. As my partner would confirm, I love my headphones and will not go for a rubbish tinny sounding pair. I am very fussy with the sound and build quality and looks of headphones, which is why I am interested in this project and why it caught my eye straight away. I have been after a decent set of bluetooth over the ear or on ear headphones for the last few years, so I will be interested to see hear how good these are. If they are as good as they look and what the designers and people who have already tested them are saying, then I can’t wait. Hopefully they will have decent treble, middle and bass and very importantly volume. Its no good having really nice sound if the volume is not high enough and you get noise from external sources.

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Back in November 2013 an idea was born. It was to create an amazing new design of bluetooth headphones. The people behind the idea needed to raise a massive $16,000 to get the idea off the ground. Such was the huge response to this innovative idea that they achieved this within a mere 3 days and the amount keeps growing. To date they have raised $25,000 and have 201 backers.

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The designers claim these lightweight and durable headphones have superior sound quality, Elegant style, a unibody design to help eliminate failures in the structure of the device and bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 connection up to 33 feet away from you phone and a host of other features.

Professional working model Melissa Brown, is the inspiration behind the Vrb headphones, along with Thomas Endo who provides technical expertise, supply chain management and Julie Pham as Marketing and Media Relations Manager.

Through their page on the Kickstarter website, they have had a massive response from people given their support ( hence blowing past the target in 3 days ) and also asking questions and wanting to learn more about the Vrb headphones and offering ideas.

I’ve seen funding projects like this before for different items and companies but I have never sat down and read about one, and it just goes to show what public support can achieve. A massive well done to all at Vrb and their backers.

Please pop across to the Vrb page and check it out and maybes show you support. They also have a Facebook page.

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