KangerTech GeniTank. A laymans review

A few days ago I eventually got round to unpacking and trying out my new KangerTech GeniTank for my ecigs. I have to say as clearomisers go, what a nice looking thing this is. A lovely shiny chrome clearomiser and a very clear Pyrex glass tube. It features a 5 hold airflow control valve that you can twist to control the airflow ( surprisingly enough ). It can hold 3.8 ml of eliquid. I’ve seen and heard many users of this clearomiser complain that when they fill the tank and turn it right way up ( the tank is filled from the bottom ), most of the liquid disappears into the lower chamber so you cannot get a real idea if you are low on liquid or not. I have noticed this myself and I can imagine it being a pain. It is 510 threaded. Apparently for Mods you may require an adaptor but I have also heard this is quite rare. It has an upgraded dual coil. available in 1.2Ω / 1.8Ω Currently Kanger supplies two 1.8ohm dual coils. The atomizer heads are replaceable. It is 75mm in height and 22mm in depth.

Here is the clearomiser

I won’t go into the whole massive yeehaaw about the performance and technical aspect of the clearomiser as quite frankly it confuddles me a lot. I sometimes wish vapor users spoke in layman terms. I’m beginning to think they are starting they’re whole new language. What I will say, and what the main point of this is that it gives a lovely smoke / vape. Far better than my Aspire clearomiser, which I really like for the build of it. I’ve never had one problem with the Aspire. I can only put the improved vaping experience down to the airflow control valve. Or / and the coil, but I suspect the valve. I can, if I wanted to create a nice big plume of vapor cloud with the GeniTank.

One thing I did struggle with in the end and I solved by accident even though I trawled Google unsuccessfully for the answer, and bugged my ecig selling friend via text and even tweeted Kangertech, was how the heck to fill this thing. Like I said, Its quite different to the Aspire I normally use. When I first unscrewed the base, the whole thing came apart into 3 pieces. The top, the tube and the base. I didn’t notice but it all screws together around the centre tube on the inside. What you need to do is grab hold of the main body and twist the airflow control valve and the base comes off without the collar unscrewing from the tube. Then you can squeeze you eliquid into it.
The only other thing I cannot figure out, and this is probably me being a noob at mods in general the nozzle. It literally just lifts out. There is an ‘O’ ring on it but a few times its come off in my pocket ( oo err missus, you are naughty ). I assume you can change nozzle for a different type but why its not a screw on I don’t know. Maybes someone can enlighten and educate me on that.

This is what it looks like on my eVic ecigarette.


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