Loving my fitbit and myfitnesspal

Well I’ve had enough. Had enough of being overweight and being in loads of pain with my knackered back.I have dug mine and Dee’s Fitbit’s out of the drawer and connected them back up to our myfitnesspal accounts. Dee wasn’t too impressed with having to log our foods, especially when it’s made from scratch so had to log the ingredients individually. That will get easier as once they are logged, its just a case of ticking the box to add them.
Using my fitbit is good fun.


For anyone who has used a Fitbit knows, it tracks you sleep, and how many floors you climb up, and steps you have taken and distance walked etc. Linking it to myfitnesspal means all the data from the Fitbit transfers automatically across to myfitnesspal so means all the data for weight and activity is gathered in one place. You can even pair it with a mobile app to keep track on your mobile phone. ( ios and Android )
I just weighed myself, and in the last week I have lost 3lbs. I’m happy with that, but also seeing it on the website as a graph makes a big difference. Its a mentality thing, but it helps with the motivation.
I’m just wanting to get my life back, where I can do activities with Gee, such as playing football of cycling etc. At the moment I can’t do any of that as my back will go so easily.

So, fingers crossed, this mindset will continue and I will lose weight and not end up in a wheelchair when I get older.

If any of yu good guys out there are on Fitbit or myfitnesspal, drop me a line with your usernames. On myfitnesspal I am stevew_68

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