A personal milestone. What a great feeling.


I’m buzzing at the moment. The reason being is that I’ve hit one of those little personal milestone goals yesterday. One of those goals that urge you on and give you motivation, and make you realise that you hard work is paying off. My personal little milestone is that I am now in the 15 stone bracket. I’ve not been in that for a few years now. Also its pleasing as I seemed to platau around the low 16’s for a while, or at least it felt like it. going to 16st 3, to 16 st 1, then to 16 st 4, back to 16 st 3, then to 16 st 1, then back to 16st 3 and seemed to hang around that mark. Then this week I went back to work for the first time in 2 years. I have always got to work about an hour early. I like to get there, have a coffee, get set up, pc loaded etc, then go for a smoke. But as I don’t smoke now, apart from an ecigarette, I go for a walk around the car park and building. I didnt walk at my normal slow, lazy, relaxed way. I kept up a pace that was not slow, but not power walking speed. It was a nice comfortable fast walk for me. All the time, I was paying attention in what my body was telling me, and in particular, what my back what telling me, and at the same time, keeping up a pace that would keep my heart rate up and start a sweat. Apart from the weather being icy cold and windy, I really enjoyed it. It was refreshing, and peaceful, being by myself.
This week I even had my first ever session on an aerobic step. I only did 12 minutes following a beginners session on YouTube, but that certainly got the heart rate going and legs aching.
This extra stamina work seems to have paid off, as my weight dropped to 15 st 12. What a feeling that was, seeing that 15 on the screen of my Aria scales.
A lot of my clothes are already starting to seem a bit looser fitting.
I still feel so motivated and focussed at the moment. Its a feeling I intend to keep going.

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