Teenager misery. Please help.

How many of you parent out there are parent of teenagers? How many of you teenager parents have the daily chore of trying to bite your tongue when the said teenager, will not listen to what you have to say, and would rather start shouting at you and slamming doors and muttering under their breath? I bet theres a few of you not saying ‘yep, thats me.’
Well Dee and myself are in that predicament. I don’t know what it is that changes nice lovable children into something that makes Kevin from Harry Enfields ‘Kevin and Perry’ look angelic. I sometimes wonder if theres been some sort of Government experiment with airborne pathogens, which targets only older children about to turn into their teen years and makes them into some hideous, monsterous, bundle of negativity and anger. Anyone who has seen the TV show ‘The Walking Dead’ will know what I am talking about.

I know, I know, before anyone says it, times have changed but give me a break, if I had spoken to my parents the way some kids, including mine, talk to their parents these days, I would not be around today to tell the tale.


I know I am going to get shot down in flames for this but I really do sometimes think that, some kids these days need a good hiding, like we would of got when we were younger. Before anyone jumps on the megaphone and yells at me, I DO NOT mean going over the top and beating the living daylights out of them. In my opinion, there is too much nanny state rubbish these days that say stupid things like ‘ you cannot smack your child’, or ‘ you cannot slap your child across the back of the legs, or children must be allowed to air or express their anger or frustration or punishing or chastising them will stunt their development. Sorry but to me this is a complete load of bollox. Nearly as bad as certain people screaming ‘human rights’ ever time someone says or does something they don’t like.

I know times have changed but harking back to when I was a kid / teenager, if I did something wrong, I would be terrified of what punishment lay round the corner once my parents found out, especially my mother, who was the boss of the house. I remember getting the slipper across my backside many a time, until the day it didn’t hurt any more and I just laughed. BIG MISTAKE!!. The next time, it was a belt. Not the buckle, but folded in two so I got the leather. Boy did that sting. I wasn’t laughing so much then. In them days, if my parents asked me to do something, I bloody well did it. There was once I got into trouble with the police for smashing someones window while throwing putty from a building site. Oh how the brown stuff hit the fan that time. I was terrified about what would happen once I got home. Also in them days, we were frightened of the police. You may think I’m talking about the 50’s or 60’s, but I’m not. I’m talking just the 1980’s. Still to this day I show the police respect, not like the toerags that walk about in gangs and try to frighten everyone that dares look at them.

Anyway, I digress. The point I am trying to get to and miserably failing at is, that some teenagers of today, at times, do not seem to be respectful of older people, even their parents. With their eye rolling and head wobble, and gangster walks. Ask them to do a small task like wash some dishes or tidy their stuff away, and you would think they had been asked to decipher and explain the Voynich manuscript.

Where our daughter is concerned, we have tried confiscating her phone and tablet and stopping her watching TV, but after a while she gets used to that so it doesn’t become so much of a punishment anymore.

How do you as parents, deal with disrespect, temper tantrums, slamming of doors, screaming, and all the other niceties that teenagers come out with.

We need advice as we are stuck for options as nothing seems to work these days.

A small favour of you lovely folk

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