Sureflap Pet Door

We have recently decided to invest in a Cat flap after one of our cats has started not coming back until it’s too late and she ends up locked out all day while we are out. After doing loads of research of different makes and features, I always ended up back at the Sureflap website. It was then a case of which model. I read all the reviews and watched every video I could find about Sureflap product and ended up deciding to go for the Pet Door.
I shopped around until I found the cheapest I could find, which was on the website. It arrived just a few days later.
I had already watched a video on how to install the Pet Door into the same type of door as mine, so I purchased a handsaw to go with the other tools I had, and the next day I set about installing the flap.
This is where it stated getting bad. The video I watched showed a man cutting a Georgian style UPVC door and installing the same cat flap as I have. He seemed to make it look a lot easier. Whether it was all down to editing the video and cutting out all his swearing or he is a master tradesman, I don’t know but what a complete b***h it is to cut through the door and decorative trims.

All the bending down and twisting and vigorous sawing left me in a lot of pain. I needed a really relaxing bath after that.

The annoying thing is, is that it still isn’t finished. The flap is in and screwed in but still need removing again and adjusting as it’s a bit lop sided. Also once I eventually get it sorted, I will probably squeeze some sealant around the edges to help keep the rain out of the door.

I will do another post about how the 3 cats of ours have taken to this new personal door of theirs.

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